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    Question Safe indoor paint - have an indoor kitty

    I'm finally thinking I need to stop being lazy and repaint my bedroom since I don't like the color at all and really would like something different. I have an indoor kitty and a very small house. I can shut him out of the bedroom but it's not like he'll be that far away from it even at the other end of the house! So what brand is going to be best in terms of low VOC etc. so I don't make my kitty sick? I'm far more interested in a safe product than in cost...
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    I just painted (as in Sunday) my kitchen and bath in my teeny tiny little house. I have two cats and a dog...and my mom's dog was here while she was helping me. We used Behr paint plus primer (I'd have to go look at what it was called exactly).

    I actually had to look up what VOC was, but looks like Behr has a good rating for that. FWIW, despite the house being closed up (it was chilly), you could barely smell paint in the house, and it dries very quickly.

    Good stuff. I've used it before in other houses, and my mom, who is loves to paint and is constantly changing colors in her house, loves it. Also, not terribly expensive. Two gallons was 60 some dollars.

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    We repainted our whole interior last spring, all three cats did fine with Lowe's brand regular Valspar. It covers great, too. I wouldn't recommend their "premium" that has primer built in though - it didn't paint as well at all.
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    I have 2 asthmatic Siamese and painted my kitchen cabinets (oil base) & counters last year. The counter paint was pretty violent and it didn't bother them.

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    I have birds, so I have to be extremely careful with anything VOC. I am also sensitive myself.
    Although I moved my birds to another part of the house with their VOC IQAir cleaner running, you may not have to go to this point.
    I use the high end Sherwin Williams paint. It is low VOC and they will customize any color you want even if you bring your own swatch.
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