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    Quote Originally Posted by Candle View Post
    What I really want to know is how those of you with short hair shower and wash it the night before and sleep on it without having to spend twice the amount of time styling it in the morning. I tried it again the other day and woke up looking like a mushroom. Even my flatiron was in no shape for that.
    Yes, I would love to know how to do that too! I could spend THRICE the amount of time trying to style mine in the morning and would still have major bed-head. I wouldn't go even to the barn with my hair looking like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fordtraktor View Post
    Nothing I wear screams "I WEAR MAKEUP!!!", it's more towards re-establishing the pre-30 status quo.
    Ha! I hear that...

    I'm a natural blonde, and occasionally use a little brown (not black, blue, or otherwise obvious) mascara so I actually *have* eyelashes. Tinted sunscreen is nice when I'm windburned, have a blemish, or otherwise need to even out my skin tone. Light bronzing powder on face and neck makes me look alive in the dead of winter when the summer tan is a sad memory. A bit of neutral eyeshadow and blush subtly accents my eyes and cheekbones.

    It has to be a formal occasion to get that entire list of products. Otherwise, I'll use particular things as needed to look more pulled-together for big meetings, interviews, date night with hubby, etc. I hate the way any kind of cream or heavy makeup feels, so it's a pretty minimalistic approach to looking a bit less like I just came from slopping around on a farm.

    ETA: Not at all that there's anything wrong with slopping around on a farm! I love it. Sadly, the business community doesn't always consider "uncurried brumby" to be a super-professional look.

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    I'm 37, and I just started wearing make-up a year ago. For me, it was about looking in the mirror one day and realizing the bags under my eyes were quite hideous. My niece took me shopping, but I'm confident enough now to buy things on my own, and go a bit darker and a bit bolder than she originally thought I would.

    I do a very light mousse foundation, powder, concealer, and eyeshadow. LIGHT eyeshadow, just a hint, and nothing overt; everything looks natural, just a bit better than usual. But no mascara or eyeliner; every time I try I end up blinding myself. Any tips on how to do that when you have no eyelashes?

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