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    Default Share gluten-free recipes?

    OK, "share" is a misnomer since I have no such recipes! So far I have been relying on vegetables and meats and potatoes/rice, but would like to venture into substitutes for gluten-y things. Foremost would be corn muffins and granola, both of which were mainstays of my pre-gluten-free days. I also prefer flour tortillas to corn, so a tortilla made with a different type of flour would be great. But I'm open to anything -- yours or good links/resources!
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    Default has lots of gluten free mixes and ingredients. Wegman's also has gone GF in a big way but that's not much help on the left coast
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    Corn muffins -- are usually gluten free; pick a mix (erm, I always make mine from a mix) that is just corn meal, no flour.

    Granola - Udi's makes really good gluten free granola. You probably know this, that oats are gluten free but virtually all the oats for sale are contaminated with gluten since they are processed on equipment that also processes wheat.

    Quinoa is a good substitute for cous cous.

    I love almond meal flour (well, except for its price). Just last night I dredged some flounder in almond meal and sauteed it in olive oil and butter with a little salt. My family, including very picky eaters, all loved it.

    I try to cut down on carbs anyway, so I stay away from even gluten free pasta/muffins/cookies etc. All of which are out there in any good/upscale grocery store or of course online. Udi's is the best, tastiest brand I've found so far.

    I'd be interested to hear what others have to say too.

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    If you purchase your granola, there should be some GF options at some of your local grocery stores. The slightly higher end grocery stores *tend* to have a slightly wider selection, but my local walmart has a number of good products, including a granola. That said, I'm going to try making this one when I get some spare time:

    I've had pretty good luck making some basic baked goods with GF free flour (typically Bob's Red Mill GF Flour) and Xanthan Gum. The Xanthum gum is important! I haven't made any cakes, but I've made these brownies and just swapped out the regular flour for flour + xantham gum:
    They were delicious and no one noticed that they weren't gluten-filled.

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    One quick tip for baking - consider getting a scale. I love my digital scale as it enables me to translate many recipes into a gluten free version. Typically, 140 grams of a gluten free flour blend is about equivalent to one cup of AP flour. My favorite flours to blend are sorghum, brown rice, teff, sweet white rice, potato starch, and corn starch. I used to use tapioca a lot but have phased out. Almond flour can be nice to use in small amounts and also for some recipes 100%. Coconut flour is nice to work with but it sucks up the moisture.

    So, with your scale, take your favorite corn muffin recipe and sub 140 grams of gf flours for each cup of ap flour, and be sure your corn meal/corn flour is gluten free. I skip gums with any "soft" baked goods like these, they truly don't need it in my experience.

    My reliable go-to basic muffin (blueberry, lemon poppy, that kind of muffin) - trade out spices, nuts, fruits, etc. to taste:
    175 grams flour
    1 tsp baking powder
    1/2 tsp salt
    1/4 tsp baking soda
    50-75 grams brown sugar
    50 grams oil (I usually use grapeseed or safflower)
    1 egg
    150 grams milk
    Whisk the dry together, mix the wet ingredients together, mix all together, fold in fruit/nuts, scoop into tins about 2/3 or more full. Depending upon what you add, it makes 9-12. They tend to freeze nicely, I take a couple out at night to thaw and heat them in the morning in the toaster oven.Things I add in include mashed banana, sliced berries, spices, applesauce, ground flax or chia, gf oats, etc. I also sometimes sub low fat greek yogurt for the milk, they will be a little denser. 350 degree oven, 30 minutes, use liners or grease tin well. I remove to a cooling rack within a couple of minutes of taking them out of the oven.

    PS - focusing on whole foods like you are doing is awesome!

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