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    Default Dog sitting rates?

    Let's see if my iPhone doesn't eat this this time.

    Long story short my mom got up at 3am to let the geriatric Dalmatian out, didn't bring her came (she's been feeling superhuman lately after an illness left her unable to walk & in a wheelchair this last winter), tripped outside on cement, and broke her shoulder, her surgery is next week. I'm going to a horse show for 4 days in 3 weeks and don't want to leave the new puppy with her, and most likely not going to leave the border collie with her (rest of our dogs are very easy, low maintenance, one is her therapy dog that could easily pass as a service dog, it he had been outside with her he would have caught her and broken her fall.)

    So given that rates vary place to place (I live in a so cal inflated area), what would you charge?

    Dog 1) border collie, 40#, like an advanced lesson horse so she's still pretty straightforward. She will be staying w/ coworker and his family (mom, dad, elementary school aged sister, and 19 year old coworker), mom runs a day care but dog is 100% tested, approved and LOVES kids, they have 2 little yippers and a a golden retriever. Bc isn't neurotic, without walks her manners just slide a little. Kid sister could walk her with her gentle leader on, shes perfect off leash and is whistled command trained. Tested and approved with cats, chickens, etc., just not possums, skunks or yard birds.

    Dog 2) 7 month old German shepherd x heeler, maybe 25# right now, just got her a week ago, she was on the streets for who knows how long, and I know her foster family got her in January. She was with a family of 6 kids, so she's definentely kid tested and approved. IME she's a typical heeler and could care less about cats, chickens, etc. Loves other dogs, shy around people she doesnt know. She will be staying with someone I trust, and someone who has a LOT of experience with puppies/rescues/dogs like her (I helped trained her heeler x Doberman as a teen, puppy is just like her!) Dog currently knows nothing, but is monkey-see-monkey-do, so she's picking up great habits without knowing it. She is currently a barker, I tried a citronella spray collar on her and she barked through it and tweaked out (like my last heeler...) so were using the "no barking" command and it's lessening.

    I think my greenie puppy is my only hard one really. But, what would you charge for each?

    (btw sorry for any massive grammatical and spelling errors, husband is yaking my ear off about generators or man stuff like that.)

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    I'm in MA but I charge a flat rate of $40 for the first dog and $10 for each additional dog per 24 hour period. Dont know if this is much help to you

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