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    Nov. 20, 2010
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    Default Two horses and riders struck by truck - Woodstock VT

    Few details in the article, except for a photo of the pick-up truck.

    Both riders taken to the hospital, one with head injuries.

    Although the article says condition of the horses unknown, comments later said one euthanized.
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    A horse and rider were struck in NH last week as well I hope the riders are ok and if the horses are still alive I hope they are ok as well. I have been sharing this on my FB page.
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    Ugh that's horrible. Looking at the truck not surprised one had to be euthed. Woodstock is such a horsey area too

    Ya had heard about the one in NH too. Just terrible.

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    And this is why I stopped road riding a few years ago.People are absolute idiots behind the wheel now. Texting, yapping on cell phones, playing with ipods, eating lunch, reading newspapers, applying makeup, Christ, they do everything behind the wheel EXCEPT drive.

    Today alone we had not one, but two close calls while driving. One, a guy completely blew the turn on a back road and was completely in our lane, doing 40 at least on a road posted at 25. Damn near nailed us head on. The second one, we had a green arrow to turn left, and the guy across the way went from the center lane (a straight lane, there was a right turn lane to the right) and suddenly turns right and almost drove into the side of us.

    No way will I subject any horses to the lunacy any more. I trailer to trailheads now.

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