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    Thanks everyone!
    I will have to look into the liquid ranitidine for the future.

    I wanted to try the stuff from precision pharmacy but since I could get the omeprazole compound paste immediately from a different vet clinic down the road, We decided to go that route. My vet, knowing my horse, agreed that feeding paste is the best option with this horse because getting him to eat is so tricky.

    He is the type that is pretty impartial to eating, but taking grain away all together isn't an option either because he just needs the calories to stay in a healthy weight and he drops weight quickly. He is on a low starch/low sugar high fiber/fat grain free choice when he is in a stall and on a round bale in pasture, nice mix of alfalfa and grass hay.

    I swear I'm going to get an ulcer from dealing with his ulcers and trying to find a way to just get him to eat!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hey Mickey View Post
    I swear I'm going to get an ulcer from dealing with his ulcers and trying to find a way to just get him to eat!
    You may joke about this, but it happened to me! I gave myself ulcers worrying about my mare and her ulcers!
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    what dose of tums do you guys use? Does it work to test if they have ulcers or actually treat them? My horse just started being weird when I curry his belly towards the back. He did just start to shed so my first thought was that it tickled/felt funny where he's shedding but if he's still acting up in a week or so I would to try to test or just treat him for ulcers.

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    You can grind the Ranitidine into a powder, mix it with applesauce and syringe it in. I use a 60-cc syringe. My horse would probably eat the pills but the over-efficient barn staff grinds them all before I get a chance to try the horse with them whole.
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    Wow...thanks for this thread! I'm currently treating both my horses for ulcers.

    I just read over the study from Smartpak on their ulcer supplement, and learned that the omeprazole needs to be buffered, especially when treatment is stopped. I did not know this going in. I decided to go ahead and try the smartpak supplements, as I have them on Tractguard I'm going to switch from Tractguard to the Smartpak supplement with my next round of supplements. That should time with the end of the omeprazole treatment.

    Should I be adding in a buffer now? From the LSU study, it sounded like the buffer was more important after the omeprazole treatment was stopped.
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