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    Nov. 20, 2010
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    Default Giardia outbreaks?

    OK, snow finally melting.

    In years past, my Irish Wolfhound gal would pick up Giardia at my old favorite horse trail, but there is a beaver pond there (associated with beavers, aka "beaver fever".)

    This spring she has had the runs twice in the past 3 weeks. Again horribly this morning - although she had some left over mashed potatoes yesterday...

    And Kitty, who got out a couple days ago, has the runs, too.

    Reading somewhere it's more prevalent in the spring, as it likes cool temps?

    I've never had an issue when my animals have only been outside at my house! And I have springs, and a little creek, but no ponds, or at least not within 1000'. No beavers nearby I am aware of.

    Will shock the well anyway, then get my water tested, but I drink the same and am not ill.

    Have meds for them. Keeping them in as much as possible, and not letting my girl run outside . Will have to hand walk her.

    How can there be so many currents in such a little puddle?
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    did you actually get a diagnosis of giardia? in my experience, most dogs develop an immunity to it- it really only seems to affect puppies or dogs with immune/health issues, regardless of their exposure.

    Do you have lots of migrating water fowl at this time of year? we do, and every year, early spring, my dogs manage to eat some water fowl poop and that gives them a brief bout of diarrhea.

    Do you have plants coming up they might feast on, or algae blooms starting up this time of year? that might cause a seasonal bout of diarrhea.

    And there are viral causes of diarrhea- last year, in my area, something went around the dog population and caused diarrhea. It was hitting the agility dogs in December-ish, and had moved to the general pet dog population by Feb.

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