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    Well there is for me. After I put my old horse down two years ago last month, I pretty much hung up my saddle.
    And truth after riding and being very actively involved with horse for the better part of my 54 years I am okay with it. I am not saying never, I will ride again I am sure, but I will not own one again.
    "you can only ride the drama llama so hard before it decides to spit in your face." Caffeinated.

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    This has been very comforting! Especially hearing "during college" so many times. I can't wait to get back to it, maybe with a young horse after I settle in my job when I graduate. For now I think my mare is enjoying her relatively easy 1st, dabble in 2nd level work and since she seems content with two riders doing it maybe she will grace someone else being a good lower-leverl schoolie while I pursue my bronze. Who knows! She's certainly healthy, spoiled and loved where she is, and that's the most important thing to me.

    I am seeing ways that I need to change my horse life when I return to it more and ways that I need my horse life while it's on remission. Of course, those horse shoe tattoos aren't going anywhere

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    I had a horse from about 12-16. Aside from a good start for about a year when I was 6-7, I didn't have many lessons. Half leased a sweet horse when I was in my early thirties for about a year. In June, started leasing a horse "just for the summer." Bought him in September and I won't look back. I have worked very hard in the in-between times, with my thirties being difficult due to continuing education and family issues. I'm grateful for every minute I get to spend with him...and I am very well aware that there is life outside of horses...but knowing that gives me the freedom to choose that this is where I want to spend much of my free time right now. He is boarded about 7 miles away, so while I see him 5 days a week, he's close enough to run out and visit if I want to, but I am not required to muck stalls and throw hay twice a day. I have a life outside of horses, but he is one of the most important parts of my life. Perhaps I wouldn't have recognized that had I not taken breaks, regardless of whether they were intentional. Good luck.

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    I took a break during college and the first couple years of my career. It worked out just fine. Gave me the time to focus on my career which translates to how to pay for horses when I started riding again! It also made me realize how much I truly love this lifestyle. Sometimes without those breaks those things don't always become clear.
    One day, while on my break, a friend took me to see a foal out of my previous mare and I bought him on a whim. I was living in NYC with a very demanding job. Next thing I knew, I moved back to the country and found a new job. The rest is history. Things you love always find their way back into your life. :-)

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    I started riding when I was eight and owned horses until I was forty one when I decided to "get out" of horses because I was mentally and physically burnt out. Some of the burnout was horse related and the rest were outside influences. It took some time to adjust to a non-horsey life but I did find other activities I enjoyed but I was always thinking about horses when I did them. I did and do enjoy not having the expenses and I can't believe how much money I spent without even thinking about the costs. There was always a friend with an available horse to ride but as someone else said I'm either full time or not at all.

    After five years I decided to start riding again and am really enjoying it. I don't know whether I appreciate it more because of the break or I'm just getting older but riding really puts me in a happy place and I'm looking into getting my own horse again. The good thing is you can always go back. It might take awhile to get the feel back but it does return.

    I think we can all agree that while there is life outside of horses, there is nothing like that time we spend riding and just being around horses. I think it's really interesting that there isn't anyone who has said that getting out of horses was the best thing they did.

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