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    Default Windows 8 BS - keyboard problems

    Anyone else here have Windows 8? I hate it, it totally sucks. For some reason I cannot figure out, my keyboard does random things like go up two lines or delete things altogether or select a whole line of text or whatever. AFAIK, I'm just typing - I suppose I am hitting some weird combination of keys to make this stuff happen but for the life of me I wouldn't know what it is (besides, I type so fast that I can't really duplicate the problem reliably).

    Anyone else have these problems? Are there any settings that I should be adjusting to fix this? I'm just
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    My new Acer Aspire S7 came with it. After a month, I think Windows 8 is the most worthless piece of crap software made in the last decade. In order to make your computer into a smartphone (stupid idea to start with) they stripped out most everything except web capabilities. It takes a minimum of one more keystroke to do anything. Here on COTH, it won't allow me to make paragraphs in my posts. Then there is the suddenly shooting everything over to the right side of the screen thing. And in conjunction with a new copy of Word, it converted all my Word docs into Word Note, or some other thing I've never heard of. For anyone who doesn't have Windows 8 yet, run far far away.

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    Haha, I don't think you are alone, local computer shop is advertising Window 8 downgrade services. I have only had limited exposure to it but not eager to switch.
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