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    Wow, a little shocked browsing through some of the posts on this thread.

    Regardless of whether we like it or not, she was sentenced and she did her time. The judge, who was familiar with the case and her (unlike us, who are reading info of the internet 60 years later, c'mon) thought 5 years was adequate punishment.. we cannot punish people once they have been released into society. Personally, I believe it's our duty as citizens of this country and this world to do our part to reintegrate these people back into society so that they have a real chance at reform. Otherwise, shunned and cast out from their former lives they're more likely to re-offend or go down a bad road. But that's just my belief.

    It's easy to get on our high horses and say oh well she was 15, she knew better and she's a heartless murderer and can't be changed. But until you walk a mile in someone's shoes you really cannot know that. And it's very presumptuous to judge someone's character based off some info from the internet and a crime from 60 years ago. You wouldn't want someone to assume they know everything about you based off one mistake, whether it was murder or not. One action does not define you. And I think all humans are capable of deep and meaningful change regardless.

    The only way she would "profit from the murder" is if she did some type of "fictional tell all" a la OJ Simpson saying "if" I did it, here's how it happened. But she became a writer at 40 and did not release her identity until years later. Clearly it was something she was not proud of. And I'm sure she was punished in other ways other than her imprisonment... I'm sure she lost relationships with everyone from her early life and to this day deals with people who assume she's a horrible person. And while I'm not religious, the fact that she chose to become a Mormon suggests that she did some soul searching and was looking for some kind of redemption.

    I'm not condoning murder, just think that we should not presume to judge someone without walking in their shoes. We don't know who she was 60 years ago.. and even if she was the same person now, we don't know her life then her life then or how she was raised. Or the type of person they murdered... or if someone persuaded an impressionable young girl to do it. At 15 I was mature for my age, but not all are... and I was very naive in many ways as well.

    TL;DR / short version: let's not judge or assume to know

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    EEK, way longer than I thought it was or I would have done some editing xD

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