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    Thank you all. I will be calling the vet first thing Monday morning to have him come out and pull blood. While I am worried, and I agree that something is not right, I am not hysterical because George is bright and happy and eating and drinking totally normally.

    Other than the strange coat anomalies, he is acting just like he has all his life. Which is to say that he treats me as his servant, who only exists to make his life completely stress free and wanting for nothing.

    And I, in return, only ask that he make me laugh with his superior attitude. I love George.
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    It's not really mid nor west


    Sounds like a good plan
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    Little Rhody


    Doubtful routine bloodwork (the typical CBC & general Chem panel) will show anything, except possibly mild anemia, unless there is something really serious going on. Those tests certainly won't show a copper deficiency.

    Kind of late now (as his summer coat is already growing in) but it can't hurt to add a good multivitamin that contains a generous amount of copper and zinc to his diet. You should also consider flax seed (1 cup/day, preferably fresh ground) to improve the coat.

    Inadequate high quality protein can also cause this. Does he get any alfalfa? If not that's another thing to consider adding. Pellets or bagged chop will due if alfalfa hay isn't available.

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    How about a fungal infection? Scroll to the bottom of this page to see what one did to the Saddlebred "Simply Striking"

    It practically turned him into an Appy.

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    My 13yo Arab just started this and I too noticed when I clipped him. Looks like I splashed bleach on him. He didn't have any spots last year. He's very healthy and has been. I think it's his grey dam coming out. We always called them Bird tracks. But I guess the racehorse the name came from must have been "Birdcatcher".
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    It's not about his gray dam Birdcatcher spots, yes
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    My bay TB mare has birdcatcher spots that have multiplied over the years. She's had several new ones come up this year - she's just turned 24 and her blood work has always been good.

    You might go ahead with blood tests as others suggested, just in case. Especially since it's a lot of spotting that came on kinda quickly. My mare's have multiplied gradually over several years.

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