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    Aug. 14, 2011
    Northern Virginia


    Hmmm. I provide Anesthesia in the Operating Room setting. There is obviously No Way I can go to the restroom, eat, or drink without someone coming into the OR and giving me a break. We have plenty of MD's most of the time who can provide breaks and I still go without a break because they are simply too lazy to do it. Or, when I do get one its so ridiculously late in the morning I am beginning to feel ill from needing food and water. Totally burns me up.

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    Dec. 9, 2011


    Thanks to all of you . . . .I am moving into a new position within the same company tomorrow, which takes me from a field work position to strictly work-from-home. I have been worried about the isolation, but this thread is making me realize how lucky I am! Just me and the dog, all day long.

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    Oct. 9, 2000


    In my last job I had a few pet-peeves:

    1) The girl who blabbers non-stop about herself and what she did in her workout this morning and what she ate for breakfast and what she weighed and what she's going to do for her workout tomorrow and some stranger complimented her on how rockin' her body is and did I mention what I did in my workout this morning?

    2) The woman who groaned when she was frustrated or didn't understand something. She would sit at her desk and go "mmmmnnnnnnnmmmmmm....." multiple times an hour.

    3) Boss lady who was a micro-manager who would write with RED PEN on a sticky note and leave it at your desk telling you what you did wrong the day before.

    4) Same boss lady would change all the rules all the time. For example, yesterday wholesale customers got 15% off on certain items if they bought a quantity of six. Today when reviewing orders she would ask why you didn't give them a discount then they only ordered four pieces . . . well, because the rule is six pieces. "No, the discount is for four pieces." Okay, then. Next time give discount for four pieces. "Why did you give a discount for four pieces, the rule is six." :bangheadagainstwall:

    4) Boss Man who was an utter and complete asshole. There are so many things I can say about how self-righteous he was and how useless he was. Here's copy of an email he sent to one of my fellow employees (who has since left): "We're trying to reel in our paper consumption and we seem to go through a prodigious amount of tissues in the warehouse.

    We've noticed in the past that the garbage is often laced with piles of Kleenex that look basically unused so I was wondering if we might have an opportunity to cut down a bit - maybe we could encourage handkerchiefs for nose dabs or hold a "who can get the most mileage from one tissue" contest or maybe charge $2/tissue and turn what had been a cost into a source of revenue (if the last choice worked well, we could turn around and donate a % of the $ to the Sierra Club, to help offset the negative environmental impact, too)."

    God, there were so many things wrong with that place - glad I FINALLY left!!!!!!
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    "A horse's face always conveys clearly whether it is loved by its owner or simply used." - Anja Beran

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    Dec. 31, 2009
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    Temperamental, moody, bi-polar bosses who bring an incredibly negative energy and a damned if you do, damned if you don't attitude! Also, shooting the messenger. Yelling at the person in front of you for what someone else did. So if Lisa is late, Karen, who just happens to be standing there gets yelled at, and Lisa is none the wiser or on time. Vent over!
    I LOVE my Chickens!

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    Jul. 18, 2001
    Here and there


    Mine is simple - people who park right in front of the no parking sign. Yes, I did in fact move your golf cart as far away as I wanted to walk this time. Yes, the sign DOES apply to you. Yes, YOU. It is marked as a no parking zone for a reason you asshat. Gah!
    Not all who wander are lost.

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    Jul. 15, 2003


    Honestly - polo wraps wound with the velcro facing the wrong direction. Drives me insane!

    Yes, I currently work in a barn, and no, my boss doesn't always supervise the weekend students.

    My life is pretty good, considering this is one of my worst pet peeves. I know it. Carry on...
    Don't tell me about what you can't do. That's boring. Show me what you can do. - Mom

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    Dec. 29, 2012
    La La Land


    My pet peeve.... No toliet paper in the bathroom. A toliet that doesn't always flush, and no towel to dry your hands with after washing. (like wouldnt it bother you not to wipe? ) I now carry TP in all my pockets.

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    Apr. 21, 2000
    Upperco, MD


    People that leave their dirty dishes to soak in the soak ALL DAY LONG. Or don't clean up spatters and spills in the microwave and/or refrigerator. Or don't make sure everything in the toilet flushes away. Good grief, do people live like this at home, I wonder????!!!!!!

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