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    Quote Originally Posted by DancingArabian View Post
    My biggest pet peeve is being there I hate my job!
    It's not so much that I hate my job but the fact that I have to spend so much time there when I could be living my life. I should be retired by now but as an ex-hippy the last thing we thought about was retirement funding! We were saving the world. LOL.
    "I've spent most of my life riding horses. The rest I've just wasted". - Anonymous

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    land of enchantment and chile

    Default As the Owner and Boss lady of the place-

    Entry level employees-(read first time job, high school or college students or those who have a government benefit to learn how to work) who believe that since they are breathing they deserve minimum wage. If they take a second breath then that is a raise. And they are shocked to be fired because they decided to not go to work one day. Then they hit their facebook and complain about what a bad person you are. My biggest pet peeve is teaching someone how to work and why you work and all the ethics that go with it. Show up on time, wear proper clothes and appearance. Boy, do I sound like a cranky old lady today but I have had to deal with one of these this past week.

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    My only pet peeve is my commute. That only bothers me on really bad traffic days and it's only my own fault anyway since no one forced me to buy my farm.

    My neighbor in the cube over bugs me a bit since he's always clearing his throat, snorting, coughing, snorking, etc. He can't help it, though. He has bad sinus troubles. What's he supposed to do? He's a nice guy, too, so I really can't be too irritated at him. Now if I could get him to stop microwaving fish and eating it at his desk...
    "Dogs are man's best friend. Cats are man's adorable little serial killer." --

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    Mine is people who can't get to work on time, consistently late. Then it takes them another 5 minutes to come into the department so you can hand off and leave. Also people who call in AFTER THEIR SHIFT STARTS to say I'm sick and can't come in! I realize these are tolerated to a certain extent by management, or at until they want to get rid of said employee, but really.

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    Jun. 30, 2006
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    I've had so many different careers... I'm starting to feel like a professional career hopper.

    Right now I work in the operating room. Basically, I'm stuck in a room all day with 10+ different "personalities." If you're not professional and agreeable, it can get ugly fast-- and there's nowhere to go to get away from it.

    So my current biggest pet peeve is people with difficult personalities-- control freaks, gossipers, instigators, hateful people, etc. There's really just NO room for it in our environment. And it's contagious, too. One proverbial bad apple can spoil the whole room.

    It's been about 2 years for me in this environment. I'm really starting to think it's time for another career jump.
    Don't fall for a girl who fell for a horse just to be number two in her world... ~EFO

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    Apr. 4, 2010
    yonder a bit, GA


    1) we have a coffee station for the members and guests, and they routinely leave that place in tatters. Creamer pots and sugar packets and stirrers and spilled coffee everywhere, with a bin a foot away! in this really nice resort, too. Grown men and women who are worthless at cleaning up after themselves. Plus, it's free coffee, tastes ok, but you'd think it was brewed with crack cocaine. They get a cup when they check in, top it up before they go to the practice range, then sneak in again before their round... And some even complain when the coffee is put up at noon because they're making the turn after nine holes and want more free coffee.
    2)a department moved into the space that we use regularly. The secretary for them is a remarkably high maintenance woman who, by the sorts of questions she asks, makes you wonder how she even makes it through a day on her own. So much fretting and hand holding... Drives me nuts. And she leaves her half full coffee mugs (probably filled with the selfsame free coffee) all over the place. Puts them on top of machinery and equipment we need to use, random shelves near her office,... She's been down there for two weeks and has only picked them up once.
    3)when this one manager opens in the morning. I can't just come in, grab my stuff and be on my way. I'm not cheery or talkative in the mornings. I might be in a fine mood but I'm just quiet. But nope, if he's there, it becomes this whole THING. I have to practically act like a children's show host, face cracking in a freakish smile, peppy happy perky... Oh just stfu, ya know?! Then if I'm not convincing enough he gets all uppity, or acts like I'm mad at him or mean. He's just insecure and needy (like the secretary), but it's so tiresome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by see u at x View Post
    My primary annoyance is the gold-digging pop tart who sits in the cubicle next to me.
    I'm totally going to start using "gold-digging poptart"!

    I'm in grad school on a teaching assistantship (read: tuition and bills paid in exchange for teaching some intro labs).

    #1 Pet Peeve is officemate who WON'T SHUT UP and obviously thinks he's sooo much smarter than everyone else and is not afraid to say so. Unfortunately, this is a common personality type in academia. My favorite was when he tried to argue that publication is not very important to get a research scientist job What PLANET are you on, dude?? He also had a nasty hacking cough that he refused to see a doctor for ("It's not contagious, it's due to bronchial injury from when I was 12!") that he then spread to all of us. And surprise surprise a$$hat, antibiotics DO work on it!

    #2 Pet Peeve is irresponsible, entitled undergrads. I get at least one email every day "My car broke down/roommate had emergency/have the flu/slept late(!), can I take the quiz and get the lecture notes?" No, you do not get a makeup quiz because you couldn't set your alarm. The best was when a girl emailed me on Week 3 that she had to miss lab because she was sick. I told her what I tell everyone, go see the lab coordinator for permission to make up the quiz and get the notes from someone else because you have to come to class to get them from me. She didn't reply to my email and never went to the lab coordinator. Week 4 she comes in, takes the quiz on last week's material (bombs it), hands in her quiz and asks me, "I wasn't here last week. Can I get the notes and retake THIS quiz?"
    "Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out." ~John Wooden

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    Oh where do I start.

    1. Body odor. I work with people who do not believe that regular showering is for them. I can track our facilities manager by his scent like a bloodhound. I work with gross people.

    2. Table manners. I refuse to eat with my coworkers after a lunch where I watched someone spit out fish bones onto the lunch table. I work with gross people.

    3. People treating me like I'm their personal slave because I'm administrative. News flash - I work for the director, not you. If he asks me to do something for you, I'll do it. If you ask me nicely to do something for you, I'll do it. If you TELL me to do something for you and expect it done because you have a PhD and I don't, it's not going to happen.

    4. Potty training. We have an issue with guys peeing all over the floor in one of the men's restrooms. I'm a woman so this doesn't effect me directly, but my office mate is a guy and it irritates me on his behalf. It's just damned nasty. We've also had multiple incidents of people bleeding and pooping all over bathrooms too. I work with gross people.

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    Tempe, AZ


    Number one pet peeve: the person who has worked a total of 9 days this calendar year. It might be 10. Maybe.

    There are four of us who do the job. Plus one who can help. When 1 of the 4 is chronically Not There, it's a burden on the rest.

    This person has gamed the FMLA system FOR YEARS.

    My 2nd pet peeve is that management has done nothing about reassigning this person to another area where the business unit will not be so badly affected by the absences. From what I read, this can be done, even with FMLA.
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    1. The distances between home, work, and horse (60 miles if I go to work, then see horse, then go home).
    2. long hours (I do four 10's by choice but it is a pain).
    3. Not nearly enough vacation time.

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    South Carolina


    When I make a list of what inventory is low on Wednesday or early in the shift on Thursday (sometimes both!!) so they can be ordered and we have enough to get through Friday-Monday, but then I'm somehow still the one that gets reprimanded when it's not ordered. I don't do the ordering nor do I approve it. I can make the list... that's it. We also have an ordering board that we write on from day to day for when things get low... This board also includes the expiration dates of injectables that we mix up when they arrive. They have certain lifespan so once we mix them, we write the expiration date on the board so said manager (who looks at board daily) can go hey... Expires soon... Should order more. I go in this AM and get asked if I told anyone about such and such expiring. No, I noticed too late on Thursday to order it so I wrote it on the board. But the expiration dates has only been on the board ALL month... and I'm here less time than every other person in the office. How bout ask your daughter who is here everyday?! Also said daughter calls out with a "migraine" more than I care to think about and who gets called in? Me!
    I swear if it wasn't right around the corner and an otherwise easy going place I'd find another job.

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    Oct. 26, 2004


    Incompetent coworkers who always volunteer to head up committees.
    "And now . . .off to violin-land, where all is sweetness and delicacy and harmony and there are no red-headed clients to vex us with their conundrums."

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    1) People who bring fish and/or seafood to work. Come on, people, it stinks when you nuke that stuff. And yes, I know you're a Catholic and it's a Friday in Lent but it's not required that you eat fish, just that you not eat meat. Make a cheese sandwich, already.

    2) The caveness of it all. I work in a seriously underlit environment. The offices cover all but one tiny square of window space (huge windows, skyscraper building); that last wee bit of window space? Is a cube. So of course the cube dweller pulls the blinds obsessively because she doesn't want the glare. So we're moles 15 floors up.

    3) Yakkers. A bit of talking is fine, but after a point (usually, the point at which they've solved world hunger, world peace and made a few trenchant remarks about the news stories of the day), you feel like standing up and hurling your computer monitor at their fat heads.

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    Coworkers who get passive aggressive and try to interfere with my doing my job because they feel threatened by the fact that I'm competent at it and end up swearing at me in office meetings for half an hour. So much of that could have been avoided if she had just talked to me. (Boss's initial solution was "Renn, can you pretend to be less good at your job? You are making Mary feel bad." Boss #2's solution was "Let's fire Mary." Boss #2 was not good at keeping the personal boundaries of her own life let alone that of her employees, so I then heard a ton I didn't need to know about Mary's life. It was an uncomfortable situation for months until I left for other reasons. Mary is still there and I expect the same problem will repeat itself with my replacement.)
    "I'm not always sarcastic. Sometimes I'm asleep."
    - Harry Dresden

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    took the time to read all the posts and each one relates to our office, well expect we are not on the 15th floor.

    Coffee... hell I took my cup home and refuse to even drink coffee any more

    the boss is a pompus ass who if you want a free lunch for everyone in the office just get him into one of his I AM THE BOSS modes and then when nothing works... he buys lunch to buy back your favor... i refuse to accept the free lunch.

    I now hate people.

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    NJ, USA


    Working under a supervisor whose IQ is about half of mine. Also has about half my education & experience. But considers us intellectual equals, and the fact that I can get things she can't, pure luck.

    It's my fault, I stepped out of this industry for a few years, so when I came back in, she was in a supervisory position. Her strengths are being bossy & pushy enough to make lot's of people work to solve her problems. That is a valuable skill, but annoying to work under!

    I can handle it most of the time, as I am not good at supervising at all, glad she has that task. And at least one of the owners appreciates my brain power. But it comes to bite me when she is working on a heavily analytical project that I know she has only a 50/50% chance of getting right. But when I offer to help, she orders me to stay on the project I'm on. Then when she can't get it right, calls me in at the last moment to "fix it". So I find the error (fourth grade mathematical error) and now she presents it to the owners as , so sorry, "we" tried our best but we ended up with this error. GRRRRRR!! Had you given it to me in the first place sweetheart, there would have been no error.

    For the most part I can work with this, and jump in to save her from herself before it hits upper management. But this one just happened & it rankles. Spent all Friday with her wringing hands 'how could WE have made such an error!!!" ARGHHHH!

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    We have a small office, 12 people, and not to gender bash, but the men in the office apparently just expect the two of us women (of which I am one of them!) to just pick up after their messy asses. We have a room that includes our copier and mailing station with a paper cutter, etc...print jobs get tossed on the shelf and they accumulate. Someone will put paper in the copier and leave the empty paper wrapper on the shelf...I wrote a note one day that said "This office doesn't have a maid service. PICK UP YOUR MESS!" someone removed the note and the place is still a mess...I'm done picking up after people.
    "If you think nobody cares about you, try missing a couple payments..."

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    I feel very fortunate after reading some of these.

    My office lighting is overdone to the point that many people complain of migraines and eye strain. It's like working in a surgery suite. Hello, office space "designers" -- we don't do surgery. We work on back-lit computers for crying out loud. There are times when I have to wear a visor and tinted computer glasses to ease the glare. Getting overhead light bulbs removed requires a special dispensation from the HR czar.

    Other than that, the only thing that truly annoys me is the stupid trendy office lingo. For example:

    Saying reach out when you mean to call or email.

    Saying around when you mean regarding or about. Yes, we can all gather around a table and have a conversation about this or that.

    I am also getting really tired of hearing the terms optimize, easy win and low-hanging fruit (always makes me think of dangling testicles).

    Stop it, please, all of you!

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    I had an awful work situation last year (thank god I'm out)... But I think my "favorite" was making group lunches mandatory and then critiquing me for eating too many vegetables?! Seriously. It was the weirdest work situation EVER (for more reasons than that, too).

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    Cell Phones not on silent! I don't want to listen to your duck/whistle/buzz 10 million times a day!!!

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