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    Default Heated/indoor pools- tell me about them?

    This is sort of a spin off from the luxury thread. I think I'd like a pool, but I know very little about actually living with them. I have a building that I think would work- it's a brick built barn that I use to store my hay.

    If I ever did build one, it would have to be indoor, and heated. Does anyone have an indoor pool? Tell me the good, bad and ugly?

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    When I was growing up several friends of my family had indoor heated pools.

    One was part of the house - entering from the end of the hall way. They had a HUGE glass sliding door to the backyard they would open in the summer time.
    It was fantastic.

    Another friend had a pool in their basement with a wet bar and a sauna next to it. And the pool had a small waterfall coming off the wall.

    And then there were some friends who built a "dome" over an in-ground heated pool they could remove during the summer. We had lots of fun in that one in the winter time, wading through snow in our bikinis under a heavy winter coat.

    Maintenance was as in any pool. But the heater was the expensive part not just in electric bills but also in repairs.

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    I'd love to get one of the endless pools (I think that is what they are called). It's the small above ground, enclosed pools that have a motor to create current and you swim against it. My backyard is tiny, but one of those would easily fit.
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    Visit one first to get a feel for the cloying humidity and chlorine smell. If that passes muster with you, all else will be just as fine as you imagine.
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