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    Mar. 15, 2013

    Default Feral Cats

    I have a colony of feral cats where I live. The property owner does not want them around and has called AC. AC will put them to sleep no questions asked. I have socialized two of them and am working on the rest. I have had a cat rescue help me get one spayed, she is a sweetheart, and one of the other females is going to have babies real soon (did not catch her in time). They will make great barn cats, I mean you should see their prey drive kick in when I throw the furry fake mice at them It is really disturbing to me, they do not want to make an effort to work with Alley Cat or any other rescue to get them spayed/neutered and even though they keep mice down I am told that "they are just creating more problems by getting pregnant". It is only a colony of 8. There numbers seem to be getting reduced by 2 cats a month because of the very busy road. I just do not understand how they don't want cats but the drug activity they don't care about If I see traps down I will have to spring them do not care if I get caught. I watched as the oregon inlet kitties were killed off in one fell swoop thanks to the AC and SPCA down here. I owned an oregon inlet kitty and that was the best cat ever! Anyone with 75 miles want a barn cat? I will deliver free and make sure they are spayed/neutered and have shots! Cat rescue is full up and has no other options at this moment.

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    Rochester, NY


    Where are you? You might get a better response if people knew if they were close to you or not.
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    Outer Banks? Remembering from another thread....

    And it's not like AC has anything to do with drug activity...cats are not easy to place out of shelters, feral cats are not often friendly and personable without a lot more work than most counties can afford to bother with, and left unattended they breed, kill wildlife, and carry/transmit disease. Not to mention getting put down by the shelter is going to hurt a lot less than getting squashed by a car or eaten by a predator or dying of illness. It's not hard to understand why most ACs don't have the money, time, or resources to blow on ferals. Most have a hard enough time getting surrendered, fixed, domesticated adults adopted out.

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    Jun. 15, 2010


    They don't know when there time comes. If AC takes in 8 feral cats that is 8 less spots for adoptable cats. I certainly do not blame AC for having an automatic euthanasia policy for adult ferals. The only person who is going to take in a feral adult cat is someone who wants it as a barn cat/mouser and there is a pretty good chance of the cat bolting once it goes to the new situation. Ultimately it is the property owners decision. If you want to find a local barn who wants a few good mousers then offer to trap, spay/neuter, and provide the new owner with information about how to introduce a feral to new property. Not many other options.

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