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    Oct. 25, 2009

    Default would this be a possible hindgut prob?

    owned horse 6 yrs and has the wet gassy squirts since he was a foal.
    i am constantly trying to resolve this problem since i have had him. and vets are not giving any suggestions or insight to why he has had ,this problem or even what to do about it. last thing was told by vet like 3 yrs ago was "don't worry about it,it will pass. ummm 6 yrs and still going strong.
    his symptoms are when he's gassy he does anywhere from a little trickle to full out squirt(on a worse day)
    -no colic symptoms of any kind
    -poop is as it should be inbetween these episodes
    -movement and attitude is good
    -no sign of discomfort
    -appetite is good(all though he is a sensitive to changes) even when i am very careful about any food changes.doesn't change situation even with this knowledge
    -he does need a bit of energy,but when your speaking about a wb you know they can be a bit lazy,so this doesn't worry me as much.
    i have had past suggestions by a fellow barnmate about putting him on a probiotic or flax,but i am weery of starting a supp without knowing what the real problem is,and doing more harm then good.
    -worming and vacc on reg schedule

    and a lil rant if i may,i frankly am getting a lil tired of washing his hind legs and between his cheeks EVERYDAY.if i don't it dries hard as a rock on his legs and gives him discomfort in movement.
    other then this gassy squirty problem,he is in good health.
    i have probably have posted about this b4,but would love some replies.
    p.s on a side note i definatly do not want to be in the showring,one day with my guy and him wet gassy episodes going on throughout show.not only is it yucky to look at,but won't do much for my turnout of my horse when he walks in/out with yuckiness all over his legs.

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    Apr. 19, 2006


    I picked up a project horse last Fall and he has something similar, though not as extreme as yours. I have had trouble putting weight on him as well, though otherwise he's in very good health. I went through the same process as you to try and eliminate the cause. He did a course of Omeprazole to treat ulcers (he's the worrying type), and then a few weeks ago I started him on probiotics (Omega Alpha Biotic 8). Like you, I was hesitant to try it without knowing what exactly was the problem, but it has definitely made a difference for him. It may be worth a try for you, and it won't hurt anything but your wallet.

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    Jun. 20, 2012


    Try adding a spoon of soda bicarbonate to any bucket feed you give. If the squirts stop in a few days, you most probably have an issue in the hind gut and/or stomach. Its a pretty inexpensive experience. There is no test you can ask your vet to perform that will tell you if your horse has hind gut ulcers, its all about the symptoms and the response to treatment.

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    Mar. 19, 2009
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    I had some experience with this with my horse -- had him checked by the vet, tried many different digestive supplements, etc. What finally seemed to make a difference, and what I've kept him on for over 3 years, is a cup of Aloe Vera Juice mixed in to his morning grain. I buy it by the jug at Trader Joe's -- it costs about $11/jug and the jug lasts about 3 weeks.

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    Oct. 19, 2009
    Ontario, Canada


    I had a horse with a similar issue and talked to a bunch of people about their horses with similar issues.

    One horse was allergic to alfalfa and was fine once it was removed from his diet.

    One reacted to flax, again was fine once it was removed. (and I had vet advice to cut flax out as it can make some horses gassy)

    My vet had a number of horses respond well to six months on a hindgut buffer (used KER's EquiShure), but mine didn't, though it seemed to help.

    Mine had an encysted strongyles issue. Some part of the burrowing out/in irritated his hind gut. It took most of a year to get him clear enough that the excess liquid stopped, but it did stop. We needed a biopsy of his hindgut wall to determine the encysted strongyles were likely the problem.

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