After five months and one week, my mare has come out the other side of RDC. Whew - what a nightmare! She's stopped pinning her ears and kicking out when I touch her abdomen in front of her hips. Stopped feeling like WWIII going on in there.

I've started feeding her a bit of hay 4x/day, about 1/8 flake strewn about her stall so she doesn't gobble it up at once. For those of you who've been through RDC with a horse, how fast did you start giving them regular amounts of hay flakes again? And grazing - when is it okay to let her graze for longer? I only let her graze the past 5+ months once or twice a day for 15-30mins. I am terrified to give her too much too soon, but she also has ulcers and would do better on grazing or constant hay in a slow-feed net.

How will I know if she is one of those few who can't tolerate long-stem hay from now on?