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    Default Horse's breath smells strongly like mothballs

    My horse’s breath smells like moth balls.Tonight when I took her bridle off the smell nearly punched me in the face.

    She was floated by an equine dentist in at the beginning of November, he said her teeth looked great and maybe we could move her to once a year float (she’s always been done twice a year). A week ago she started looking like she was having a hard time chewing her hay so I called the vet who came out the next day. She did a full exam and did a touch up float on some mild sharp edges. She said that her 310 and 410 molars were laterally displaced (born that way, no fix) and they may be worn to a point (she’s 21, good amount of wear) that she may be getting hay packed between them and her cheek causing her to cross her jaws a bit to release the hay. She said that 410 may be a *tiny* bit loose.

    She said to bring her in for xrays if she continued to eat oddly. She is eating normally now and I have ridden because I wanted to see how she was and she has been fine with the bits (I've ridden both in snaffle and double) and she accepts the bit and is nice and soft. The moth ball breath really has me worried that maybe something there is an abcsess going on and it may be in her jaw. Has anyone had any experience with this?

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    When a rescued horse we had staying here smelled like that, the vet said it was either an abscessed tooth, a sinus infection or possibly a gutteral pouch infection. He didn't make it, not due to the infection, but due to the many health issues he had caused by his former owner's neglect, so we didn't learn which one it was.

    Based on the info you provided, I'm betting on an abscessed tooth.
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