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    Take a hoof pick without a brush and place it point down on the seal. Hit the hoof pick with the back of a brush to puncture the seal. Pull back on the hoof pick and the seal will pop off.

    Then, put the hydrophane into an new hoof oil can. That way it is fairly spill proof and you can use the brush to apply the hydrophane. Make sure to write "hydrophane" on the can with a sharpie so no one mistakes it for hoof oil.

    I hope that helps.
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    Where am I and what am I doing in this handbasket?


    Quote Originally Posted by Peggy View Post
    I wedged mine off with a screwdriver by placing the blade just under the lip of the inner seal as I didn't have a nail handy. I am old enough to remember the day when fly repellant came like this.
    Ohmigod, get me out of the wayback machine I am trapped in!!!

    (always preferred the screwdriver punch method of removal myself)
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    Quote Originally Posted by DMK View Post
    Ohmigod, get me out of the wayback machine I am trapped in!!!

    (always preferred the screwdriver punch method of removal myself)
    Me too... and when you smell that Repellant and Cornona it takes you back. Great memories... I actually love that smell.
    The quality of a persons kindness is said to be reflected in the love they show for animals and other creatures!

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