About a year ago this horse was sold from a farm in SC to someone in VA. He wasn't mine, but I exercise rode him back from a suspensory injury and very quickly he became my "heart horse." He was sold because of unsoundness that reduced him to light work only. He was a hunter/jumper in a former life, but I have no idea what he could be doing now.

He's chestnut, 4 socks, and a wide blaze. He's distinctive because he's HUGE, 18hh and big-boned. I believe he's in his upper teens but I'm not 100% sure his exact age.

I sorely miss this horse and lost touch with his former owners, much less his new owners. There is a slim chance anyone knows what he's up to (if he's still around) but if anyone has known a guy who fits this description, I'm hungry for ANY sort of update.
Please PM me!