I rescued a horse in November and I am trying to find out some history about him:

~ 17hh
~ vet places him around 18 years old
~ Very dark bay, no white markings
~ Black socks
~ Seal nose, ears
~ Possibly a TB, very lanky StB, or possibly a warmblood
~ No tatoos or freezebrands.
~ Has a lump on his face under his eye that appears to be an old bone fracture. He has two or three vertabra in his neck that show signs of a pretty significant "crash".
~ When he came to me he was wearing a brown leather halter with the name plate: Cams Card Shark, Cannae Olympian, UCanDependOnMe (turned out to not be his halter)

When I got him, he was in pretty bad shape but I know at one point he was loved & well cared for. He is now safe & loved again, healing physically and very happy. If you, or someone that you know was the one that loved him, I really would love to talk with you and get to know more about him!