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    Default Book: Scent of the Missing

    My latest from (FREE books!). This is about a search and rescue worker and her adventures on the job and with training a new puppy (Golden Retriever) from breeder pick-up to certified SAR dog. Well written, lots of tales from the field, and fascinating detail.

    Lots of humor at moments, too, especially with the changes in her prior household (five pet dogs, rescue/shelter, ranging clear up to a 21-year-old, and five or six cats, too) when she added this specifically selected and bred for a JOB dog to the mix. Training the SAR work was easier many times than getting the basic household rules and mix established, and the story of the pup being leashed for a walk with her long leash, suddenly spying something interesting, and getting tied to (and moving) the whole china cabinet while clumsy-scampering after it is hilarious. She also ate a couch. Turned out that the old rescue Pom had been making the depths of the couch into a treat depository for future reference. Well, the lady did teach her pup specifically as an early game to find treats.

    Anyway, it's a fascinating and fun read and a neat look at the training process.

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    I loved that book! SAR is so intriguing to me but I'm afraid I wouldn't have the courage of fortitude to do it myself. The training process was really interesting to read about and I found myself cheering for the puppy on many occasions. Lots of respect for the handler and dog teams and their willingness to drop everything when called.

    Oh and if anyone is like myself in that I love dog stories but can't bear to read half of them because the dog dies in the end, the dog lives in this one

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    I also enjoyed the book.

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    I'm currently training my cattle dog puppy for search work. Specifically, we are training towards human remains detection.

    Loki is wonderful at detection work. He is everything you expect a cattle dog to be, focused, determined, intelligent, and quick. That does not necessarily make a great pet to have in the house though. That determination and focus makes for a dog that is into everything, has an opinion about everything, resource guards, and randomly decides he is going to try and challenge the old boxer for status. Please keep in mind, old boxer is low man on the totem pole. He has no status, doesn't want any, and has never tried to have any. I am going to have to find the book and read it. I'm sure I'll be nodding and agreeing the whole way through!

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