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    Quote Originally Posted by deltawave View Post
    Yup, I get it. I am responsible for my horses, my child, my pets, my property, and lots of other things. That responsibility in my view includes making unpleasant decisions sometimes, like shooting on sight a varmint that might sicken or kill one of my horses. More up side than down side, IMO. Rattlesnakes, scorpions, and coyotes would be treated the same if they come close enough to threaten a creature for which I am responsible.

    Anyone is more than welcome to judge these types of decisions in their own personal "risk vs. benefit" calculus. I can live with mine.


    I would be setting my traps more often. But I do not want to get a skunk. Those are totally the hardest to deal with. And I mean the aftermath smell. We have shot one cleanly in the head, and the smell was STILL horrible. Luckily we have Mr. and Mrs. Great Horned Owl on the payroll. Mr. and Mrs. Fox are also doing their duties also.

    But I shall still trap those who trespass. I will not have my barn held hostage by a skunk, nor my hay/property be fouled by a possum.

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    After watching four horses be put down due to EPM, I shoot possums every time I trap them. Sick little creatures. They then get buried in the field across the road.
    I am on my phone 90% of the time. Please ignore typos, misplaced lower case letters, and the random word butchered by autocowreck.

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