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    Default Does anyone know of any study re: horses and lingering sedation side effects?

    I don't mean things during and right after sedation with, say, dormosedan. I mean in the couple/few days after. I'm talking about a horse just NQR for a few days. Are there any studies? Do you have personal experience?

    No, this is not my horse, so no, I haven't been in contact with my vet
    The CoTH CYA - please consult w/your veterinarian under any and all circumstances. - ET

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    Sedation slows gut motility (how fast food is moved thru the gut). this can cause impactions. If the liver is not functioning correctly the drug may take much longer to clear the horse's system. Check the color of the horse's gums, check hydration, check capillary refill. If any are abnormal call vet ASAP.

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    Hi, we see a lot of horses with diarrhea for about 1-3 weeks after sedation (depending on the horse) when the equine dentist comes out and does about 30 horses. I don't actually see the name of the drug used on my bill but will ask next time.

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    Yes sedation badly affected my filly 3rd, 4th and 5th day after having it, everytime. She had a hindgut problem - thickening in a band in large intestine which could be felt rectally and something else closer to her mouth probably but don't know what, these caused daily mild colic and she couldn't eat her feeds in one go. She would be okay day 1 and 2 after sedation but when gut movement started to speed up again day 3 she would be more colicky than usual. Twice she had sedation 4 days apart which wasn't good. When she was on doxycycline though the sedation didn't affect her, she was sedated a few times and was fine. Shes okay now ( i think!) but hasn't had any sedation since finishing the doxy.

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    My mare who has hock arthritis was quite off for several days after she was sedated to have her teeth done. Prior to the sedation she had been sound for some time.
    I don't know if the sedation was the cause of the lameness just that the timming lined up.

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