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    May. 24, 2011

    Default Sores on hind cannon bones?

    My new mare (love her to death) lays down funny, and knocks the front of her hind cannons against her front shoes, and has sores there from it. At least, I'm guessing weird position while laying down. There are a couple recurring sores also on one front fetlock and a hind fetlock where they touch a hoof when she lays down. She doesn't jump, and can't think of anything else that would cause it. We've tried deeper bedding, and that's not working. I'm treating the sores, and they're not huge, but I'd still like to prevent them from recurring again and let them heal. Would standing wraps for stall time help this? Any other creative ideas?

    Edit: Anyone tried these?

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    It could be a skin infection rather than scrapes or pressure sores. I would wash daily for 10 minutes with chlorehexadine/nolvasan/hibicleanse and keep bandaged with a telfa pad covered in silversulphadiazine or triple antibiotic and a clean no bow or sheet cotton.

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