FTGH- 18 year old 16.1 hand gray Thoroughbred gelding. Did 3'3" hunter divisions at A shows in his younger years, and the part several years has been doing 3' medals and hunters. He has also done some lower level jumpers. Best for an intermediate rider, he can start out a little up and has to be given a little time to relax and get out the jigging....nothing dangerous, he just isn't a deadhead. Will stretch down and low if you ask, or go around without guidance. Really rhythmic...GREAT canter. Auto auto auto lead change. He would probably do best right now as a 2'6" equitation horse at the local shows but can really crossover into other divisions too.

Serviceably sound, has a little arthritis in his right front but does well with a daily joint supplement (SmartFlex Senior). Haven't done injections or anything and is sound right now barefoot. Would LOVE a teenage girl to give him tons of attention again!

I have pictures of him on the flat and a few videos from doing my first Sidesaddle lesson on him this past weekend (I brought him because he's so auto and he was AWESOME). Please PM me and I can email links to the videos.