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    Wicker basket on lead line pony with tiny person strapped inside.

    Pretty sure I've seen some toddlers in these in the last 10 years. Strapped in.

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    lol I love the pacifier in her mouth. That picture brings back memories, of a time when we weren't too worried about safety.

    Quote Originally Posted by PNWjumper View Post
    I don't think I've ever seen a "pony ride" setup without a "seatbelt" of some sort. Haven't ever seen one that puts the kids in helmets either.

    My daughter's first "real" pony rides (away from home and without me holding her) were at our local fair with the horses on one of those wheel things (each pony tied to a bar in front of it).

    Considering the crazy things I used to do as a kid without a helmet, I tend to not be overly concerned by things like this. And the photo of the "lead line pony losing his cool" is, IMO, a different scenario than a pony in a true "pony outfit" type situation. The ponies I see at shows are often picked for the cuteness factor over the "dead to the world" factor, and aren't always ponies that schlep around kids day in and day out. Not saying accidents can't happen, but I feel better about putting my kid on a "pony outfit" pony than I do putting her in the car every time we go somewhere.

    With that being said, at home the rule is that there is no sitting on a horse without a helmet, and no straps of any kind. But my pony is not a "pony ride pony," nor is he under a great deal of control for most of the ride.

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    Amazing that so many of us made it to adulthood....

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    Quote Originally Posted by PRS View Post
    I've seen these velcro straps used by both kids and adults while Barrel Racing....usually sans helmet
    Dang!! I'm spending all this money on lessons to develop my core muscles and riding seat so tol help me ride accurately and well, and all I need is Velcro!!

    I'm gonna take this up with my instructor!!

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    At least the Father has his phone in hand so if things start to go sideways he can get photographic evidence and post it to Facebook.
    Kanoe Godby
    See, I was raised by wolves and am really behind the 8-ball on diplomatic issue resolution.

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    What is the point, really? They should just get some kids' stirrups, geez.
    I saw the angel in the marble and I set him free. - Michaelangelo

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