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    Default Mare Udders- but she is not in foal

    I have a students horse who has been in my barn for about 6 years. Since she has been with me she hasn't had a foal. (I am uncertain of what happened to her before then) In the last month or so I have noticed her developing a small bag. She has been extremely grouchy lately also. I am assuming she has a hormone imbalance or cysts. I do not notice her going into season and she has never been a mare that is super obvious when she is in season either. The mare is 16 years old. Has anyone had a mare that showed these symptoms? I am assuming regumate would be helpful, but she really isn't your typical hormonal mare. Has anyone used Depo? I've heard that a lot of people don't notice much of a difference with that. Any experience or advice is appreciated!

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    i would suggest calling your vet.....

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    Our mare did this, she got substantially better after we removed all soy from her diet.

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    Default white clover

    I had a mare do this (even produced some milk). She was on a super rich pasture that summer and started to get quite chubby - everyone joked that maybe she was pregnant - we all laughed about it until she started bagging up and producing milk - then we called the vet. He preg checked her and of course she was not pregnant - then he checked the pasture she was on - it was a mix of timothy and white clover. He said that too much white clover can raise the hormone levels in mares and cause their bodies to act like they are pregnant. Not sure if it was total BS or not - but the udder did go back to normal when we took her off of the pasture.

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