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    Jul. 19, 2008

    Default Is a cantle bag bad form?

    I'm hoping to start hunting this year, and was curious about a saddle bag/cantle bag. I can get hypoglycemic and was wondering if carrying something in a cantle bag would be bad form.

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    Aug. 25, 2007
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    Get a sandwich case. It is the accepted tack for hunting and can carry almost as much as a trail bag. You can carry snacks in your hunt jacket's pockets as well, and orange juice in your flask.

    A cantle bag is for trail riding, not for foxhunting. So yes, it would be bad form because you do have a proper alternative.

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    Thumbs up agree!

    Cantle bag no. And there are some much cheaper alternatives to the english made hunting sandwich case. Small, leather, and about the same size. Shop around for facsimiles!! .
    But as a diabetic; I never needed one. Granola bar during the hunt got me through and try to time your pre hunt meal to anticipate this. I found I had to eat on my way driving to the meet. Most of all stay hydrated to keep BS even!!
    Good luck!

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    Oct. 7, 2010


    I don't foxhunt, but I do ride all morning or all day, moving cattle and such on a ranch. I have fibromyalgia and get migraines, and if my blood sugar and electrolytes aren't OK, I get bad, fast.
    I have a really hard time eating in the morning, but I can drink fluids. I learned that drinking a quart of gatorade during the trailer ride up is one of the best things I can do to feel good for my ride.
    Saddlebags are no problem for me, so I have a couple of snacks in them. But I could easily carry them in pockets or a sandwich case.

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    Sep. 2, 2008
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    There are some vintage ones on eBay right now, for $350 - $999. Or you can go here and get a new one for $43.95.
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    Welcome to fox hunting! Hope that it works out for you!

    I fox hunt with a gal who lives with hypoglycemia. She carries a couple bars in her jacket and a little liquid in her sandwich case and she has never had a problem. She uses a case like the one altjqeger posted a link to. Bartville Harness offers a traditional looking sandwich case for about $40 more than the one linked. So then it comes down to the individual hunt- do they require the bag be traditional looking or will any conservative leather side bag do?? Maybe find that out first from the hunt then make the purchase.

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