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    Default What to do when regumate is not enough?

    My 17 year old mare is becoming a nightmare (maybe that's where the name mare comes from!). She has been on regumate for about 6-7 weeks and still is moody, temperamental and as alpha of her herd she stirs up trouble. She had a foal 3 years ago and just craves another. I have a stallion on my farm, which doesn't help, but my other mares don't act this way. So the question is, what else can I do? Can I treat her with anything else, either concomitantly or substitute for the regumate? I tried it because its supposed to be the most effective for suppressing estrus. I'm frustrated and need to make her life, (and my poor stallion who responds to her screams), and my life easier!
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    Have you had her ultrasounded to check her ovaries? While it's normal for mares to be erratic in the spring, if this is becoming far from the norm for even her, then you need to have her checked by a vet.

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    Did you ever try giving chasteberry? It is not only used for cushing horses but also for mares and stallions who are very hormonal or very much stallion or mare ;-)

    And some mares at our stable also improve greatly by giving them magnesium, they are less irritable and more relaxed.
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