Seven years ago I took an older, working-perfectly washer/ dryer set out of a relatives' home with every intention of hooking them up to be my in-barn laundry at my farm in Sellersville, PA (Bucks County). Well, life intervened, we moved to California before I had a chance to install them, and the W/D set has sat in storage in that barn for the past 7 years.

They are certain to be very dusty, they are not fancy, but I guarantee they were working 7 years ago. I can make no guarantees now, but i see no reason why they shouldn't work.

they will be free to the first person who shows up for them beginning Friday April 12th at 8am through Sunday April 14th early afternoon. Please PM me for the property address.

I'm also giving away a lot of other stuff- barn fans, futon, and anything else I pull out of that storage room that I've forgotten all about since we moved.