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    Ill play.

    Dont play it off like you had something going on when I call you at 8 pm to ask if everything is ok because none of the stall boarded horses have been fed or brought in for the night. I know you had no intention of coming back out.

    Dont tie my horse to the fence to feed her in a full nylon halter and leave other horses loose around her

    Dont leave my pasture boarded horse inside all day without water during the summer before and after a farrier visit.

    Dont tell me my horse is getting the extra hay Im paying for if she isnt.

    Dont borrow my clean show girth to use on a lesson pony and return it filthy when Ill be needing it at 4 am the next day to pack on the trailer

    Dont tell me you are going to remove the rusty nails that are sticking out all along the fence line if you have no intention whatsoever of doing so.

    Dont leave my clipped horse outside overnight naked because you have an emergency and had to leave the farm right away. You could have called me and I would have come right out to handle it. Or you should have returned once your "emergency" was handled

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    You are right Button. I should have said "compare negatively." I used to ride in a lesson with two other ladies and we were all so in love with jumping our horses that we'd stare at the jumps until we were over them. We all loved to look at our horses necks too. We all knew we had this fault and trainer used to laugh about it and encourage us to watch each other to see how the habit had an impact on the ride. That was indeed a useful comparison and honestly it was funny.
    I agree about laughing. For most of us, riding is about having fun. yes, I want to be as good as I can, but if I can't take being told I rode the diagonal like a drunken monkey when in fact I did, then I need to chill out. A few years ago while I was leasing a challenging horse I laid down a very solid trip and lesson mate commented on how nice a pair we made. Trainer said, "That's Linny and Rover, 90% perfect, 10% hot mess, nothing in between..." I cracked up because she was right.
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