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    Wearing the suede down means it's time to retire them? Heck, I wear my half chaps until they're so busted apart I can't keep them on my legs anymore. I have a pair of the old Ariat All-Around suede half-chaps that are smooth from use but still holding strong. I don't ride in them all the time anymore because I wanted black, smooth leather half-chaps, but they lasted several years and are my back-up pair now. I beat a pair of Ariat Close Contact 1/2 chaps for 5 years and they're still wearable. I had to replace a snap but that was only $5 at the local cobbler. I currently have a pair of Ariat Covington 1/2 chaps that I got because my tall boots broke the week before a horse show. These chaps are fantastic. They are gorgeous and soft and the leather is thick enough to take a beating but not so thick it influences your feel. I really love these chaps and I suspect they'll hold up for quite a while.
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    I have had just about every Ariat brand of half chaps...none of which lasted more than one year. Most I killed off in 8 months. You name it....the stitching broke, wore holes in them, zipper broke. Along with having to replace the paddock boots about the same time. I really should be a tester for them! I finally gave up and bought a cheap pair of Ariat tall boots. No more half chaps for me! I kill them to fast. The tall boots have lasted for over a year and will probably have to replace them next year some time. It just got way to expensive to buy new paddock boots and half chaps every year. About the same as buying new cheap tall boots.

    Have to stick with Ariat due to the height of chaps/tall boots…..down fall to being tall!

    When I am home I ride two-three horses seven days a week. Unless the baby(my ten month old) does not cooperate LOL!!!

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    I have not had the issues some seem to with Ariats. My oldest pair are 10 years old (All Arounds) and still in good shape. The inside is smooth but otherwise they look great. I have the Cameos and Close Contacts that are both 8+ years old and while the Cameos are pretty beat up, they are still completely useable. The Close Contacts were used mainly for showing so they did not get nearly the wear of the others and are still in almost perfect condition. My newest pair are the Covingtons. I LOVE these half chaps! I got them in brown for schooling and am going to get a black pair so I can show in them. I admit to having a bit of a half chap addiction...

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    I have a pair of Grand Prix half chaps that are at least 7 or 8 years old. The stitching came out on one section, but other than that, they are still in excellent condition. If I ever need to replace them, I would buy another pair of Grand Prix in a heartbeat.Well worth the price.
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    I have had remarkably good luck with the Dover "Riding Sport" suede ones. I usually get 5-8 years out of them. The snaps eventually break but I just snip them off -- one less thing to do to get them on anyway.

    I had a pair of Tredsteps last time and the snap broke on ride #3. Ugh! And they tend to come unzipped a little, whereas the Riding Sports stay shut without the snaps done. Hate them.

    Now, suede does wear off but that doesn't mean they are worn out. In fact, IMO that means they are just getting good -- it happens about the time they mold like a second skin to your leg. My full chaps I bought in 1992 and they will literally stand up without me, in the shape of my leg position on a horse. They were originally navy and are now light grey from fading. They are just perfect!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawks Nest View Post
    Conclusion? Dublin half chaps don't die.
    i have a pair of dublin half chaps that have lasted forever too.. granted, i'm mostly a one horse rider, but i've had mine for.. 8 years maybe? so maybe 5-6 truly active years.

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    I too have had good luck with the Ariat All around suede half chaps, my last pair lasted for years. I also have good luck with their paddock boots (lace ups...hate zippered paddock boots!). That said I have riding buddies who seems to have constant issues with everything Ariat. My current half chaps are Dublin brand, going on 3-4 years. I only ride one horse though.

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    In the past 16 years, I've gone through exactly 2 pairs of the Treadstep original half chaps. The first pair would have lasted me much longer if I had just had the zipper replaced when it gave out instead of buying a new pair.

    My current pair is going on 9 years old. I ride probably 5-7 times a week in them now, but for much of that 9 years I was riding 2-3 horses a day in them. I did have one of the zippers replaced after 7 years ($15 at the local shoe repair place). The only other maintenance they have ever had is occasional cleaning with a stiff, damp bush.
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    Jun. 13, 2001


    The only ones that have lasted a long time (and look good) are Sergio Grasso.
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    Sep. 14, 2002
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    the only thing I've ever liked are Ariat Classics.
    The Talls come in 19". Which is better than anything else I can find. But in reality I need 22-23". (for reals). The 19" are easily 4 inches below the bend in my leg.

    I bought some of the Ariat Close Contact chaps one time. And though they were LOVELY but they lasted less than 6 months. The entire inside portion was totally gone.

    I wear the dickens out of my half chaps. Usually I add nylon in spots. restitch spots. and even go through some duck tape times before they are trashed.
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    Jul. 2, 2003
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    I love, love, love my Lende suede half chaps (they come in the numerical sizes, e.g. "15/17," etc.). Been going strong for at least 5 years, unfortunately the elastic at the bottom of the foot has stretched out due to wearing them with my winter boots. I really wish BoB/TOTD hadn't discontinued them...
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    Feb. 19, 2009


    Prochaps. I've had mine for four years and they look relatively new. Those things will never die.

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