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    All the welsh ponies I rode as a kid in England were "HOT" little suckers! As an instructor I see many horses called lazy when they aren't. You are right it is you (sorry :/). It sounds like you need to work on the lunge line for a while and learn how to unblock, release your seat. Most horses resent a stiff or tight seat (mostly in adult riders it is the lower back, hips and adductor muscles, and knees) and once the horse realizes that the rider is not going to release their seat they just stop trying (gets dull to the aids, since he is getting conflicting aids, legs and spurs saying go forward, and seat/knees saying stop).
    >>Every time you start to ride focus on how your seat bones are moving in relation to the horse's movement. You should feel each seat bone, alternating, go forward, up, back and down at the walk. If you can't feel how your seat bones are moving you are blocking and need to relax you hip area, lower abs and lower back. When you can feel where each hind leg is with your seat at all gaits you will have achieved success!!
    Also if you have access try the Balimo chair, it really helps show you where the stiffness is and it helps you to release. I use mine every day before I ride. Having a strong core is also crucial to being able to hold your position without negative tension in your seat.
    Good Luck
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    OP, I get your pain WRT physical issues. My whole left side is a mess -- I was born that way, and two riding accidents only made it worse -- and my right side is a mess from compensating for the left. Have tried chiro but because my left collarbone is held together by a metal plate, there are a lot of releases that are not safe for a chiro to do.

    It's really like *almost* but not quite having a disability, and one can only "fix" it so much. And other riders can be very unkind, especially if they've had an injury and fixed it. My messed up left side is about as fixable as my Type 1 diabetes. I do some body work, a little tai chi, and mostly just don't stress about it much.

    I will say that the Centered Riding techniques are very good for people with this sort of issue. Sally Swift herself had scoliosis so she "got it" too. The feeling of one's seatbones "cycling backwards" at any sitting gait really helps. I also liked Jane Savoie's "program your position" stuff for chronic bad habits. When I stay with these two things, my sometimes lazy horse is a lot happier and more forward.

    I wish you the best of luck!
    You have to have experiences to gain experience.

    1998 Morgan mare Mythic Feronia "More Valley Girl Than Girl Scout!"

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