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    Default Pony bits? 4-4.5"

    What are you using on your dressage pony? I am currently using a 4.5" Myler Comfort Dee and while it works, it's too wide! I tried a normal eggbutt on a 4.5" and while the width fit, the mouthpiece and rings were too big. I tried a JP french link and a double joint seems to be too much movement for her. She has a tiny little Arab pony mouth and before I start ordering dozens I'd love some suggestions!

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    We went Stubben as they make a slightly narrower 4 or 4.5 etc than other companies & that size just "worked", nice workmanship & lighter than the alternate branded comparable bits, tack shop had versions with smaller/larger rings/D's

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    If the mouthpiece isn't too thin, the rings on a bridoon are smaller.

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    Default has a great selection of pony-sized bits, organized by size.

    My pony seems happiest in a 5" when I use loose rings, but our other two ponies wear either 4.5" or 4.75" bits. My favorite is the Happy Mouth snaffle with center roller--I have it in several styles, including a loose ring, d-ring, and Pessoa two-ring (I use it with 2 reins for fox hunting). I find that if a center roller or French link is not "stable enough," pairing that mouthpiece with a d-ring or eggbutt style provides more stability.

    I also like the Herm Sprenger bits--for driving, we use the KK snaffle mouthpiece on a Liverpool. Also have the WH Ultra loose ring in a 4.75", but it has a lot of activity in the mouthpiece. Started everyone in the HS d-ring Duo.

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