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    Default Replacing seat leather on French saddle

    I'm going to inquire directly to Antares about the price of this but in the meantime, has anyone replaced the leather on the seat of their French saddle? Can you tell me what it cost to do that? The leather on this saddle has worn and separated at the seams. I think the only leather that needs to be replaced is the skinny part running from the pommel back to the seat (so the top section of the saddle as viewed from above).

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    Nov. 30, 2006


    $6-700, the saddle has to be disassembled to replace the seat.

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    Feb. 3, 2012


    I just got mine done recently and it was $600. The whole seat will have to be replaced.

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    Jul. 24, 2011


    I believe I was quoted something around $700 to have the seat replaced on my CWD. The problem with the seat is they have to disassemble the entire saddle, meaning they take off the flaps and panels etc. which is apparently a lengthy process.

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    You may get some independent quotes as low as $300 BUT make sure you're happy with the leather; if you intend to resell the saddle, have the work done through Antares.

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    Re-seats generally run between $500 and $700. The entire saddle must be taken apart to replace the seat - a very involved, painstaking process. The panels are dropped, the sweat flaps and flaps are removed, the gullet cover is peeled back, the falldown staples and saddle nails are pulled, the staples that hold the seat and jockey to the tree are pulled, and the seat and jockeys taken off. Depending on the saddle, the billet webbing / attachments may need to come off as well. And that's all before you can even start replacing the seat!

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