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    Default stocks set up advice

    I am having a set of horse stocks made! They are going to open back, front and sides like the ones here:

    So here is my question. I have two possible locations to have them installed.

    Option 1) in my wash stall that is 12X12. The benefit to this is obvious in that it will have easy access to the water, lights, drain, etc. Downside is lost function of the wash stall for other stuff...although I guess I can always bath a horse in the stocks. Also, I have had this barn for 5 years and have never used the wash stall yet I have an outdoor wash area that we always seem to use so it wouldn't be a real loss of use of the space as we do things now.

    Option 2: in my aisle (12 ft wide) lengthwise against the front of the stall next to the wash stall. Benefit of this is still close access to water, lights, etc. and I can put a foal in the stall while mom is in the stocks and they can still see each other. Downside is stocks will take up some of the width of the aisle.

    Obviously I wish I had a dedicated separate wash stall only for the stocks...but sadly not an option I have to work within the confines of my existing barn!

    Anyone have either of these set ups? Likes? Dislikes? Other options suggestions?

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    Default Breeding stocks

    I Bought, and never used, a top of the line breeding stocks that has wheels that can be let down. It has the plate on the bottom, padded sides and is very heavy. With the wheels, it can be moved to another spot for storage after breeding season! This might be a good plan for you. Mine is in stoage now, and I will sell it. PM me
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    I would use the aisle, it's less confined if someone has a total meltdown or panics. Converting the wash stall to a foal holding stall is a great option.

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    Could you give up a box stall near the wash rack stall to locate the stocks? Maybe the one right across from the wash stall. Still close to water, but doesn't take the wash rack out of commission.

    I really wouldn't want a stock in my aisle, just constricts it down so much for your daily uses. As you continue along, you might want or need more use of that inside wash rack.

    If no box stall is available, I would put the stocks in the wash rack. After the Fire Clinic, I would never consider anything that constricts or blocks the barn aisle anymore.

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    I vote for the wash stall. You can always put a roof over your outdoor washrack at a later date.
    Also, if possible I would have the stocks made of round pipe not square. If a horse gets a leg over or thrashes, round pipe is more forgiving.

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