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    For the life of me I can't understand reaching for tranq to clip, unless of course the horse/baby was never desenitized without going after them with something that sounds to them like a big bumble bee.

    But then, I've heard this is common to get them out on the line.

    IME, preparing the horse for these things a teaching process that requires skill, timing and most of all patience.

    Clearly we don't start horses under saddle this way. It's process and not to be hurried. Anything new should never be hurried.

    As most good horsemen know, the hurried approach seldom results in a good and relaxed matter the age.
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    Thanks for the advice - I was able to convince the owner that this was not a good idea. She didn't want to tranq him because of putting "chemicals in his body," but she wanted me to duct tape clippers to his head. Go figure.

    To back up, baby has had all the desensitizing steps mentioned here - blow dryer, electric toothbrush, clippers all over other parts of body, etc. As for why we want to clip him....because I want him to accept clippers now instead of introducing them to him when he's a much larger, stronger, bigger horse. I've always started clippers early with my babies. This horse was actually body clipped as a two week old because of health issues.

    We did end up giving him a light tranq just to take the edge off, and he now has a lovely clipped bridle path and has realized that Mr. Clipper is not going to eat him.

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    It is the bee sound...

    Cotton ear plugs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alliekat View Post
    Not something I would do either. I would however try an electric toothbrush to help desensitizing the area. We have worked with many problem horses when it comes to clipping and other things. Feel free to message me and I would be happy to give you some other suggestions and ideas. Good luck.
    That is frigging genius!

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    I didn't read all the posts so someone might have mentioned this but I watched a Monty Roberts episode where he used a blow dryer on a horse that would not allow anyone to touch his ears & poll area. Within about 1/2 hour he was able to use clippers on the ears. He just kept the blow dryer blowing on the horse's poll & ear area. You might want to take a look at that video. Was interesting.
    Producing horses with gentle minds & brilliant movement!

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    I once had a boarder whose horse spooked at a plastic bag that blew across the arena. She thought that since he was afraid of it she should tie it to his saddle and let him run around the arena with it. He was a that does not help the situation. The horse took off and flipped over the gate and went through a few other gates before stopping. He was shaken up and had a few scratches but otherwise ok. This is not something I would have allowed if I were there.

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