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    Quote Originally Posted by Simbalism View Post
    Obviously you are not going to encounter a mattress while riding around your ring or out on the trail(well, maybe on the trail...hehe).
    Unfortunately, where I trail ride, there are many mattresses! Sad, but true.

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    Jul. 30, 2005


    Don't you worry about the springs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DancingArabian View Post
    As bizarre as this will sound, I've actually come across a mattress in the woods during a trail ride. And a sofa, some big comforters and several other things. It was after a big storm so I think a hunters cabin was decimated and all the furnishings were flushed out/blown away by wind.

    Horses walking on bubble wrap is HILARIOUS. So is watching their reaction to silly string.
    Reminds me of the time when I lived in California and was driving to work on 280 and drove by a sofa that was just sitting in the middle of the highway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kookicat View Post
    Don't you worry about the springs?
    This is what is wrong with this whole idea, imo.

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    I'm watching the Live Oak CDE on the USEF Network right now, and I would say this is a PRIMO example of why you do de-spooking. The wind is blowing tents down and crap all over the course, and this is *exactly* the situation where you damn well *better* have despooked your horse to where it keeps listening to you in the middle of an international competition no matter WHAT happens!
    "The standard you walk by is the standard you accept."--Lt. Gen. David Morrison, Austalian Army Chief

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    Three Figs, I have done quite a bit of "bombproofing" with my mare. On occasion she will say "no" to something. I always listen to her as I kinow she will go thru things unless she thinks something is wrong.

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    Gravity works, and the laws of physics are a bitch.

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