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    Dec. 16, 2012

    Default Horse is not eating all of his hay

    I gave my eighteen year horse his hay today and he's not eating all of it, which he normally does quickly. I offered it to him on the ground as well as in his hay net. The hay smells and looks fine. Otherwise, he's acting fine and is eating all of his grain. Anyone have any ideas as to why he doesn't want to finish the hay?? Thanks in advance.

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    Last spring my gelding stopped eating the coarse meadow grass but would gobble up the softer orchard grass hay, so I just thought he was being picky. Then he started quidding. One day he was eating and the next day he was dropping everything. I had the vet out immediately and he had a cracked molar. The coarser hay must have been more painful to chew. I felt bad for not knowing, but his teeth had just been floated a few months prior.

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    Dec. 28, 2009


    Could it be that your pasture is starting to grow. I know in central VA the grass is greening up and some grass is growing, albeit slowly.

    It could also be because the general temperatures are warmer and so they don't need as many calories.

    Either way our herd is taking a lot longer to finish a round bale compared to last month.

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    Because he is an older horse, it wouldn't hurt to have his teeth checked out. That being said, my horses have all significantly dropped their hay intake the last few days because the spring grass is coming in.

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    Did you try a different bale of hay?

    Just because it looks and smells fine to us does not mean it does to them.

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