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    Jul. 13, 2011

    Default Ice Boot Recommendations

    I'm considering buying some ice boots; my horse is going to see a lot of work in the next couple of weeks, well, a lot of work for him, he's an older guy who usually only gets jumped once a week. We have an event and then a clinic following close after, and I want to give him a little extra help.

    If you use ice boots, what kind do you use? Is there a marked difference between the cheapies and the more expensive ones?

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    Jun. 24, 2005


    I have these and I think they work really well:

    I also have these, from the same company, and I'm less enthusiastic about them. I don't feel like the ice lays on the hock quite as well, though it might be user error -- maybe I don't break up the ice pack enough.

    I'd be interested in hearing from anybody who has used these. I haven't tried them but they look convenient and wouldn't take up so much space in the freezer:

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    Apr. 27, 2003


    I had to buy ice boots for my horse last August for an injury. I tried the boots that you fill with ice and go from foot to knee and found them not to work well. Constantly sliding and not really icing the intended area.

    I was interesting in the Horseware Ice Vibe boots and ended up splurging to buy a pair and LOVE them!! For the tendon injury my horse had it fit perfectly, his leg came away very cold and it was an added benefit that the boots vibe at three different levels to increase circulation! They arent the cheapest things out there but once the velcro ice packs are on and the boot wrapped on top no supervision is needed and I just turn my horse out in a paddock for 20-30 minutes, let the boots do their job, and be done with it!

    It looks like they now make knee and hock boots as well! I will say that while the price was more than I had wanted to spend, I do use them after every schooling now to help his tendon and his legs always look great!
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    Jul. 1, 2011


    I have the ice horse boots and they are only meh. They don't get the leg nearly as cold as cold hosing and sometimes the legs were still warmish after 20 mins of sitting in the boots (and I took the ice packs straight from the freezer and put them straight on my horse's legs, and yes I wet the legs well too). and my horse did not have an injury making his legs extra warm or anything. They also tend to freeze solid and easily break from having to manipulate them to soften them to put them on.

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    Mar. 5, 2010


    I have several different types of ice boots and none of them have really impressed me. Honestly, the BEST results I have gotten are from polo wrapping one of the "Ice Horse" Ice packs onto the leg. I dont know why it works better than using their velcro-on boot, but it does and leaves the leg ICE cold.

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    Jul. 4, 2007


    A bag of frozen peas under a polo wrap works well if you are on a budget.

    I've tried many types and have had the best results with the neoprene Professional's Choice 9 Pocket Ice Boot.

    It has pockets for ice, but I used these instead right against the leg.

    Because the ice is in little cells, it molds around the leg.

    I also used Acavallo Gel Wraps (gel polo wraps that you could put in a freezer.) They are harder to find and can only be used on a small portion of the leg. The Pro Choice ice boot worked for the whole leg.

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