He is smaller. 15.2 right now, but most of the Stanislavsky's top out over 16hh so I think that is unusual. I have had him since he was 2 and he grew the most in the last year, they are later bloomers I am told. I live right near where he stands and know his owner (that's how I have come to have him in my possession). I am hoping he will be a nice Small Jr Hunter. He is built like a tank, but moves good.

He is the quietest, easiest horse I have ever started, so sensible and smart. My husband & I thought he was sick when we got him he was so quiet. After taking his temp for two weeks, we now know its just him. No spook, no buck, no balk. Free jumps great. I gave him off this winter because he had a growth spurt, but just hopped on him over the weekend quick and it was like we never left off.

I know several half siblings and have seen pictures & video. All are VERY talented jumpers, nice conformation, and jump well.