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    Quote Originally Posted by Texarkana View Post
    I just did the math. It's costing me $8.41 a day to feed my calorie-incinerator TB, give or take a few cents. That's $252 a month for one horse!

    I don't spend that much money on groceries for myself!!! I think I'm going to go present him with a bill...

    Luckily the easy-keeper mare costs me less than half of that to feed. And the donkey probably only eats about $1/day in hay and a handful of vit/mins that don't even add up to anything.
    I feel ya. Toby consumes a lot of calories, too. I've never done the math like this (I mean, I know how MUCH he eats, just not how much it COSTS for him to eat that much!). His feed bill is definitely more than mine!!! I'm actually in the process of writing a blog about what I can learn about feeding mySELF from feeding my horse . This may supply some interesting additional info.

    My "costs" do go up and down per horse. Toby is eating his "competition season" amount of grain right now. He usually can get away with 6lbs for most of the winter because he doesn't blow through as many calories, and can occasionally get eeked down to 4 if he's vacationing (he got fat on stall rest and a 1lb of a ration balancer! That didn't last long as soon as he was allowed to be busy again, though ). Neigh's costs should go down as soon as we really get going on the grass going. I won't supplement with hay out there, he'll probably go in a muzzle (he's going to HATE me), and he won't need the Fibergized...just a 1/2lb or so of a ration balancer.

    So, at least it is so expensive ALL year round!!!

    They still eat better than me....

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    Hay and grain is included as I board out.

    My <personal, make me feel better> additional costs are:

    $10 flax seeds per month
    $15 vitamin E pills per month
    $15 alfalfa cubes per month
    general vitamin/mineral mix - about $3 per month

    treats: apples ($7 for 1/2 bushel) or carrots (about $15 per month). I won't count the mints as I eat most of them anyways...
    Last edited by Mouse&Bay; Mar. 22, 2013 at 11:10 PM. Reason: forgot the vitamin/mineral mix

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    Our horses eat, on average, about $350.00 per month in hay/supplements.

    "Simple: Breeding,Training, Riding". Wolfram Wittig.

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    I pay $40 for hay, and roughly $36 for grain. Grain's every two months, hay is monthly. Although my gelding is out on 2+ acres right now enjoying fresh spring grass and wants nothing to do with his hay. lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davistina67 View Post
    I love how the OP asks for exact costs and then people chime in with estimates!
    LOL - that's OK! This thread has really helped me, actually. I was just adding up what my ponies cost to feed on a daily basis, and I started wondering what others were paying.

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    that's a harder question to answer then it looks, because of variable stuff like horses eating grass in summer, ect. I keep my two horses at home and work with a pretty small budget. But if I average it out per month, per horse

    Hay $27.
    "grain" and supplements $30.

    So around $57. a month, I buy round bales and store them in a shed and that drastically lowers my hay costs. For grain Baby gets TC30 and my mare gets alfalfa pellets and highpoint.
    for more Joy then you can handle

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