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    Default Gardening with dogs!

    I have two small dogs. They have the run of my fenced-in backyard when I am home and let them out. (They have a doggy door and run when I am away)

    I have some gardens in this area. Of course I try to have sturdy plants and fence off anything that I feel couldnt take being plowed into by playing dogs. But a bigger concern are "toxic plants". So I looked up some lists. My problem is that I seem to find about every other garden plant listed as "toxic"!

    I recognize that things like lily of the valley are really bad. But I have not had an issue in the past with hostas, rhodedendrons or even some tiger lilies which all exist in the yard. So how far do you go? With dogs that are not notable chewers or left in the yard all the time, how "toxic" is too much of a risk? Any real-world experiences or thoughts?

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    Most ornamental plants are toxic to some degree. That is why you don't find them in the market. I would do a little more research (local ag. ext. office) and find out how toxic individual plants are. Keep the ones that are bad tasting or cause mild gastro irritation, pitch the ones that cause death, seizures, liver or kidney damage, if you cannot make them inaccessible. And remember a plant may be harmless but it's seeds may be poison.
    NOTE: because of their small body mass little dogs are at risk of poisoning.

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