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    Aug. 14, 2004


    life is good here too found a great place for my mare to foal (sport pony to be on the way!)

    my rising 5 yo Connemara is really stepping up to the plate and I am having a great time working with him.... He has a great work ethic and a heart of gold

    I am looking forward to the summer and cant wait to see how my pony comes along in his training

    great to read so many inspiring stories!

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    Feb. 14, 2012
    Fern Creek, KY


    Love this thread! Happyhappyhappy!

    My good news is that both mares arrived safe and sound (and I still have all my hair) from their cross country adventure. The OTTB got her shoes pulled and is proving to be the sweetest creature ever. It's proven to be a wonderful breathe of fresh air from Herself, her hatred of the cold, and subsequent yucky attitude.

    I also taught Herself the word 'cookie' so I can actually catch her! I'm looking forward to getting them both back to work as soon as the ground dries and we get more than a day of sunshine at a time!

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    Oct. 12, 2007
    Andover, MA


    Mare is slightly lame again, which isn't happy, but...

    We are confined to walk-only rides of 30-45 minutes. I am even taking a walk-only lesson once a week, and it's SO helpful for both of us Mare is working off a light leg again, I'm getting a lot better at steady contact so she will go along on her preferred contact (light but connected) rather than trying to evade it. We like each other again

    Of course I am sad that she is lame, and a bit worried because there's not a clear answer as to why (except that the lame leg is structurally the weakest). The vet is doing one more ultrasound and if that doesn't make things obvious, we'll go to a referral hospital.
    You have to have experiences to gain experience.

    1998 Morgan mare Mythic Feronia "More Valley Girl Than Girl Scout!"

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    Mar. 24, 2010


    I'm resurrecting this thread to say Eureka!

    My mare is somewhat long backed and long hind legged, so we've been slowly developing her and recently using half steps to help build topline and folding in the hind legs. In hand she's great, but she was having trouble translating it to rider aids. She would have a ton of sit, then fall on the forehand, then get it together again, and just not quite there. She was struggling with understanding and frustrated, but trying. I knew she was on the verge of getting it. Thursday, she still struggled. She had yesterday off and apparently it did the trick.
    Today in my lesson we were walking and my trainer said to ask for some half steps. I started thinking about asking and he said "great, trot on!" Every half step set after was the same - I barely thought and she just happily and easily did it.
    I may have gone overboard with sugar today....
    Quote Originally Posted by Silverbridge View Post
    If you get anything on your Facebook feed about who is going to the Olympics in 2012 or guessing the outcome of Bush v Gore please start threads about those, too.

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    Sep. 15, 2011


    Quote Originally Posted by netg View Post
    I may have gone overboard with sugar today....
    No such thing as going overboard with sugar. :-)

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    I did my first set of clean 4 tempis in my last lesson! I couldn't believe it!
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    Dec. 14, 2011


    My horse backed up (he was being disobedient), lost his balance, sat down, fell over on my leg, got up, and we are both FINE! I call that a win! (I did get back on, and we DID go where he hadn't wanted to go!)

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