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    MHM, I don't think any others have. The next one was in mid-May some time in NY, then in Lex on 16th as findeight said.

    I think this is a drag. Granted I'm going to be moving house that weekend, so a 2-day trip to Lex was never going to happen, but I'm worried that in an online format there will be much LESS of a dialogue and much MORE being preached at.
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    Seems to me that some sort of hybrid format would have been better. Have the live meetings but also stream them so that more people can at least watch and perhaps have the opportunity to ask questions online.

    I was looking forward to attending the one out here.
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    Sounds to me like it will be similar to an online webinar - where online participants can ask questions over the web. I've done lots of those for work and they're pretty cool.

    I'm sorry they've cancelled the in-person meetings, but I think it's great that this format gives access to people to couldn't make the in-person meetings.
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    This will be nothing more than a stunt for the media, where the PTB talk down to the Lesser Beings, blowing smoke where it doesn't belong. They will tell us that we're too stupid to understand how complicated it all is and we need re-educating on the rules and that will solve the problem. The reason for the format change is to avoid having the lesser beings asking difficult questions such as "how can members who are found guilty of repeated drug infractions continue to serve on committees asif nothing happened" and "why do members found guilty of using banned substances get to do so repeatedly, and after a short vacation go right back to showing"? They're already laying out what they intend to do, so they're really don't care what the membership has to say. So we can all try to get online at the same time (if it doesn't crash) to hear a canned presentation - how does that accomplish what the forums were meant to do? It's not the same thing at all, it's just pretending that it is while protecting the PTB from the discomfort of answering questions face-to-face. The hard questions will never even get asked if they are able to prescreen and pick and choose which questions to answer. Another faux response to a shameful situation.

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    Just to get this straight: there will be no Town Hall meeting new week in Lex, Va?

    Im all for opening up things with a live freed conference, but it will never have the immediacy and spontaneous interaction of a live town hall meeting.

    They should be doing both.

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    I was planning to head down to Lexington. Hmm.

    Is there anyone we suspect to be actually listening to whom letters can be sent about this oh so interesting change? Also interesting that I first heard about it not through USHJA in one of their far too regular emails, but here.
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    This is from the email sent out yesterday by USEF. It sounds to me like the live meetings scheduled for next month are not going to happen:

    In the face of overwhelming response from its membership and requests to host USEF Town Hall Meetings in many cities around the U.S, Federation staff and leadership have opted to host a Town Hall Meeting to be broadcast LIVE on on Monday, June 3 at 6:00 p.m. ET. This interactive broadcast will replace the previously scheduled meetings and provide greater access to more people across all breeds and disciplines nationwide. "This innovative use of technology presents a unique opportunity to share opinions and experiences from every corner of the Federation," remarks USEF President Chrystine Tauber

    A panel of USEF representatives, prominent industry owners, trainers, and veterinarians will gather in Lexington, KY, to take questions and suggestions throughout the webcast from a live audience as well as from equestrians tuned into the webcast. Members anywhere in the country will be able to view the webcast at LIVE on Monday, June 3 at 6:00 p.m. ET.

    For those unavailable to participate live, the broadcast will be made available free of charge to view on demand on as early as June 4, 2013.

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    I guess I am in the minority here - but although I have sympathy for those who arranged to attend in person and understand why they would be upset at the last minute change - I do think the online approach will allow MANY more people to participate across the country, if they wish. And I think that is a good thing.

    To those who say, "why bother; they won't listen," I say - maybe, but if you don't participate, then you'll never know for sure. And denigrating the effort before it's even happened does kind of put the USEF/USHJA in a no win situation, d@mned if they do, and d@mned if they don't.

    Personally I am planning to tune in to listen and ask a few questions. I'll reserve judgment about the whole thing til after I see the results.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MHM View Post
    In the face of overwhelming response from its membership and requests to host USEF Town Hall Meetings in many cities around the U.S, Federation staff and leadership have opted to host a Town Hall Meeting to be broadcast LIVE on on Monday, June 3 at 6:00 p.m. ET. This interactive broadcast will replace the previously scheduled meetings...
    IE: "Crap! People were actually going to COME!"

    That there will be only ONE of these streamed meetings and that they will not hold any other in-person meetings is a significantly less open situation and far fewer people are going to be able to participate.

    I love the webinar format and am in favor of it. But if the goal was actually to INCREASE participation and interactivity, they would still be holding multiple meetings. The multiple meetings not only give time for more questions and answers total, but also allow evolution of the conversation - ie two months later they can report proposed or actual changes and we can discuss, or gathered public comment can be aired and discussed.

    One meeting (and how long will it be?) is pretty short for this topic.
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