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    Default Bait for non disposable fly traps. What works the best?

    Hi. Last year I had pretty good luck with disposable rescue brand fly traps. They stink!!! I think that's why they work so well! I am going to try using non-disposable traps this year (to save money and cut down on plastic waste). What is the most effective bait on the market (reasonable cost is strongly preferred). Any home made baits that work well? I just want as many flies as possible in the traps and not on my horse.

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    Honestly, the Rescue brand fly traps are the only ones that work for me - and they last all season - and yes they are gross and stinky!!
    You can by the attractant refills and just use your own jugs - or buy their reusable jugs.
    I just buy the bags because they work so well and it's really not that much plastic and really, who wants to "clean out" fly traps - not me!
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    Golden Marlin. You can make your own hangers out of milk jugs or whatever. The stuff stinks up close but doesn't seem to stink up my barn. Just keep out of reach of children and all animals.

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    Get the commercial produced attractants. If you try to make your own out of meat or eggs you will attract flesh eating flies which don't bother horses and are necessary in a balanced environment.
    Pest flies bother horses and people and are best attracted by the smells produced in attractants by several different companies. A few are Starbar, Rescue and Farman.
    Larry Garner
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    Max Force is what we use. Love this stuff. Doesn't stink and flies die within 60 seconds of ingesting it.
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    Another vote for Golden Malrin (which is blue, by the way). I put about 3/4 cup in reusable plastic fly traps that I hang up. It doesn't spill out as the stinky liquids can, and I don't have to replace it that often. It cakes in high humidity which renders it less effective, but other than that, I dump it in the manure truck when there are so many dead flies that it can hardly be seen.
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    Dog crap.

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