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    Oct. 21, 2011

    Default Nittany Dressage Boots

    Has anyone heard of this brand and any reviews? I need a boot with an extra extra wide calf. I have a pair of show boots, just looking for a schooling pair.


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    Mar. 25, 2010


    DO NOT BUY. We bought my daughter a pair and they proceeded to fall apart within weeks. And I mean literally FALL APART.

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    Apr. 1, 2003
    SE Ky


    They have been around for yeard and there are numerous threads on COTH and other BB's about how crappy the boots are.
    When I purchased a pair I luckily used my VIAS and refused to pay VIAS until I had received the boots. When they arrived I noted the below issues and returned them:
    1. The zipper on the right boot separated as soon as I
    bent over to put my spurs on, from the top of the boot
    indicating a poor quality zipper.
    2. The foot is too large. These were to be size 8
    woman American – they appear to be a size 8 ½.
    3. There is a hole in the right boots sole – at the

    Made in Pakistan (at they were years ago - 2006 - when this occurred). Some A**** even called me at work and told me I had to take them - luckily I had a good VISA company at the time and I did not. This "person" tried for day to intimidate me - calling me at work from various phones which appeared to be from US but instead were coming from Pakistan.

    Guess he thought my being a woman he could intimidate me. Finally I stopped picking up phone calls when I didn't know the number and the calls stopped - but I don't like getting personal phone calls at work, so it really bothered me.

    Last time I spoke with said idiot he was trying to tell me about other "products" they made - who really would purchase more inferior products when they were unhappy with the original product?

    So don't waste you time. Mountain Boots make wider calfed boots which are MUCH better quality.
    Now in Kentucky

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    Oct. 2, 2012


    When you email them, you get a auto reply that says "Thanks for the email!" When you call, it's a 900 number you must pay to put a call through.

    Run away.
    A helmet saved my life.

    2016 goal: learn to ride like TheHorseProblem, er, a barn rat!

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