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    Apr. 2, 2011
    Westchester, NY


    Definitely bookmarking this for when I don't have four inches of snow outside and counting. Great ideas, thanks guys.

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    Mar. 20, 2013
    Way up North


    Our summers are usually pretty nice (25-28C), but when we had a brutal heatwave a few years ago (brutal for us...35C), I would freeze ice cream pails of water overnight, then dump the big block of ice into the water troughs of the horses living outside to keep the water cool, helped make sure the horses drank enough water.

    Wear long sleeved, baggy shirts. It seems the opposite of what you should do, but it protects you from sunburn and is cooler than tight clothing. Don't forget gloves or sunscreen on the back of your hands! Sucks to get burned there (don't ask how I know). Wet bandana around your neck, make sure you cover the back of your neck to prevent burns there, too (I had a rough summer that year).

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    Feb. 13, 2013


    Hi there! I live in Wellington, so it's very hot there too! I also get super hot, despite my age (15)! I have a gpa speed air and First Lady. I usually wear my First Lady because of the big brim it has. Depending on what helmet you have, Dover sells a sun brim, yes, it may look funny, but the extra protections worth it! I'll post some links at the bottom. I usually school in my tailords, pikeurs, or Alessandro's. but for my top I wear the eis shirts. They're $80, but if you don't want to spend that much, Dover has a cheaper alternative. For gloves, I have the ariat tek grip, which I think they have a summer version, and Roeckls, which have a summer version also. That's all I could think of! Oh, and put your hair in your hairnets up, it helps! Here's some links to the things I've talked about. Feel free to email me about anymore questions!


    Yes I wear a large in this shirt! I don't care how tiny you are, order at least 2 sizes up! It shrinks, and wear a white cami under it, as it has a bunch of holes to keep you cool!



    Tailord sportsman trophy hunters, pikeurs, or Alessandro's!

    This is all I can think of. Feel free to email me or pm me for any questions! Hope this helped!

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    Nov. 17, 2006


    I buy a lot of my "tech wear" from Target. It is really just workout wear. I love their T-shirts that I think are made by Champion. Cheap, lightweight, and best of all they dry super fast. I hate walking around in soaked clothing!
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    Definitely gotta cover any "pasty white skin" with a cooling long-sleeve shirt!! I get mine from Coolibar but may have to try EIS, as well.

    And I have a few horribly ugly hats that keep me protected. They're so ugly, though, the barn guys abused my poor gelding by putting him in my hats and taking blackmail photos! But, hey, my very concerned dermatologist would approve!!
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