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    Default Horses that impacted you life the most through out the years

    Got thinking about in the years I've been riding... what horses stood out to me and had the biggest impact on my riding.

    One was a 12.2h Red roan welsh who was what comes to mind when you say "Pony" - showed me a breif view of their minds and how evil they could be. Best pony ever... I learned so much from him.

    The second was also a pony 12.2- She was a driving pony until the age of 15... (but don't tell her that, she thought she was still 6!) stubborn pony mare who would test you at the drop of a hat... Brought her up from driving to smalls.

    Last was a horse I recently sold, bought him as a 2 year old, and sold him when he was 12. took me from saddle breaking to fences up for 4'. Horse was amazing. I look to him for teaching me almost everything I know. I don't know how many times he suggested I try the fence before he thought about it.

    Anyone else have mounts that have that big an impact on their life and riding?

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    Jun. 24, 2005
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    It is hard to narrow it down to just a few, but if I have to:

    Ibn Kochief, an Arabian gelding who was at the barn where I boarded my first Arabian as a teenager. It was a self-care barn and his owners rarely came out. so the other people in the barn set it up so I could ride and later show him. Chief was a Native Costume horse who LOVED his job. I swear that horse stood up straight and preened when he saw a costume come out. He was so much fun that I have been hooked on showing ever since... (I've never had another native costume horse to show, it is still one of my dreams ).

    Hermes - he was a 3 year old, Arabian cross colt that I fostered for the first rescue I ran. He wasn't halter broke or touchable when he arrived, and I had no clue what to do with him. I had to learn - and I did. He taught me that I -could- learn to do most anything with horses if I needed to.

    The most recent one was a mare named Chicago that I fostered for Bluebonnet. She was an owner-surrender (her owner was reported for neglect and he didn't want/couldn't care for the three horses). The foster home who picked them up said she couldn't catch or touch Chicago. I had gotten a little cocky and thought "Oh sure, right, whatever' and told the foster home to bring her on over here. We unloaded her into a paddock, and I learned that I wasn't all that. Chicago didn't want to be touched, and it took some work. I'm pretty sure this mare has been badly abused in the past. She has a nasty dent in her forehead, she has a ton of fear issues, and the first several times we trimmed her back feet she urinated whenever anyone touched a back leg (like fear-urination in a dog). She reminded me that there is always a horse who can challenge you - and she also reminded me why I keep on doing what I do. She may always be one of the most special yet challenging horses in my life.
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    My first horse was a 4 yr old solid Black Appy with a wide Blaze and no spots. He was registered appy. I got him when i was 17 and i paid for everything. he was the best horse i have ever had, and i sold him when i was a few years older, b/c i was going thru a lot due to a bad home life. i regret selling him every day of my life. He has since passed on at an old age, (i knew where he went) but if i could go back, i'd keep him forever.

    Another horse belonged to a guy i was living with. She was a beautiful Egyptian arab and was bred. Awesome horse. I only rode her while she was pregnant, we broke up before she foaled. If i could have taken her with me, i would have.

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    I got my tb mare when she was 5 and I was 12. We grew up together. When I was 18 a guy saw me riding her and offered me a job cleaning stalls in a private racing stable. That job led to other jobs in the racing industry and eventually turned into a career (yes I did get my bachelors and masters along the way). I met my SO at the racetrack and together we have a small breeding farm as well as a daughter - Rachel Alexandra. So basically my beloved mare, who is 29 this year, shaped my entire life to date

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